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Deputy director told the California State Assembly Budget subcommittee on January 26th. But the problem is nationwide. 95% of this fraud is in the P way program and you know it's about 5%, obviously. And you, I and that was as I understand it A 2019. The frog raid at a DVD was about somewhere between five and 6%. On DSA. Oh, it is consistent. You know the tools that we used pre pandemic work, you know, and they just did not work for the P Way program. The United States. Department of Labor attempted to warn entity of the potential for widespread fraud back in April, But the department apparently waited until September to implement preventative measures. They contracted a third party legal group named Thompson Reuters to analyze their claim in data and identify fraud. In late December in an effort to stop fraudsters, DDT and Bank of America retroactively froze over one million claimants accounts. Many who were later found to be legitimate, according to ET DS for us on Lee 6 to 7% of those accounts frozen in December were verified as fraudulent. Daniella Urban, special counsel at the Center for Workers Rights in Sacramento, says Edie Edie doesn't necessarily need to have evidence that a claimant has falsified information before freezing their claim. Even though he dd is supposed to have evidence that there has actually been fraud or actually been a false statement made by the claimant. He did, he makes gets to make that decision. You know, Latterly, and then the cleaning have to appeal their decision in order to be able to overturn the disqualification. Urban says Some of her clients are still waiting for their appeal to be granted and their dates set to appear before California unemployment insurance appeals court She says clients who face alleged fraud by ET de fear they may have to pay back the full sun they received in unemployment insurance. Some told her it could be 12 weeks before their day in court. Ruben says. That's a long time to go without income, especially for individuals on the brink of destitution. Here's one such case recounted by Amos Lim Ah community advocate with Chinese for Affirmative Action, a civil rights organization based in San Francisco. I'm translating testimony from Mr Wei Xin Guang From San Francisco. I was followed from my janitorial job. In April 2020 and tried for two weeks to call Edie Edie to apply for you. I but I was unable to get through. I was referred to see a and finally managed to apply for you. I inmate 2020, my limited immigration, computer electricity. It's a barrier to accessing indeedy benefits from 60 years old immigrated to the U. S in 2003 and speak only protectionist language. Taishan Land dialect off Chinese Scuse me, which he did. It does not provide services and Don't use a computer and cannot repeated correspondence is sent in English. I really light on friends and she is helped to 35 for benefits. My US know suspended and I need the money to stay in my home. Tale in which my family will be evicted. The heightened scrutiny of Edie Edie is handling of fraudulent claims has brought attention to other deficiencies within the department, including the department's lack of language access. The website is currently the best way to file a claim and the Web portal is only available in English or Spanish. The mandatory I d dot need background checks off Where is on Lee available online? Which makes it inaccessible for people without smart phones or computers. At least six million are unemployed in California and receiving unemployment insurance, with many more waiting for their claims to be approved by Edie Edie. According to California's legislative analyst's Office. The number of new unemployment insurance claims have slowed but are still five times higher than normal levels. Follow up legislative hearing is set for February. I'm Chris Lee reporting for KPFK. A new report suggests a bill often promoted as expanding rights for LGBT Q. People could benefit a wide spectrum of racial and religious minorities as well. Andrea Sears has the story. The Equality Act passed in the U. S house in 2019 with broad bipartisan support but never came up for a vote in the Senate. Civil rights advocates air hopeful this year it could become law. The bill would add new, comprehensive federal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They only Goldberg with the Movement Advancement Project, says it would expand existing federal laws that leave many people vulnerable to discrimination based on a variety of other factors. Right now, for example, retail stores are actually not covered under federal law and public accommodation, protection for people of color or people of faith or immigrants. Opponents of the bill say it would infringe on their religious free Some of those who feel that homosexuality is same sex, marriage or transgender identities violate their beliefs. But Goldberg points out that 21 states, including New York already have LGBT rights laws on the books so someone can lose civil rights protections simply by crossing the state line. The Equality Act would change that that would put into place consistent and explicit protections into federal law that would, in many ways service, an umbrella over all 50 States, D C and the territory. She adds under a U. S. Supreme Court ruling issued last June, federal law already protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment. But Goldberg emphasizes the bill would make anti discrimination protections consistent across the board. She points to a 2020 survey by Sephora that found 40% of shoppers had experienced discrimination based on their race or skin color. I think that really underscores the challenges of actors in places of public accommodations aren't just for LGBTQ people, but this was really a broad problem. I need the federal solution. The bill has yet to be introduced in the House is here. But Goldberg is hopeful that with changes In Senate leadership, it would get a hearing and a vote there as well for New York news connection. I'm Andrea Sears. Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed a bill extending the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between Russia and the United States a week before the pact was due to expire. The houses of the Russian parliament voted unanimously on Wednesday to extend the new start treaty for five years. Putin and President Joe Biden had discussed the nuclear accord a day earlier. And the Kremlin said they agreed to complete the necessary extension procedures in the next few days. They packs extension does not require congressional approval in the United States, but Russian lawmakers had to ratify the move before Putin could sign off today. Abide. Administration says it's going to revamp and enhanced diplomacy toward Iran as the U. S looks at restoring constraints on the country's nuclear program and reining in its regional ambitions, as Secretary of state, Anthony Blinken announced the appointment of a new special envoy for Iran. President Joe Biden, his national security advisor, said that restoring the limits on the Iranian nuclear program is a top priority and that the administration would work to build under whatever restrictions it could negotiate. Jake Sullivan said today that the administration's goal is to put Iran's nuclear program back into a box and then to confront other Iranian activity in the Middle East that it sees is problematic..

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