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U. S military aid, drove the Polisario Toe Western Sahara's eastern desert. Morocco then created the world's longest minefield and built the second longest wall on Earth with the help of U. S weapons companies, Northrop and Westinghouse. The nearly 1700 Mile wall divides Sahrawis who remain under occupation from those who fled into exile. The Moroccan government began decades of torture, disappearances, killings and repression against pro independence Sahara, always living in the occupied territory. In 1991, the U. N sponsored a ceasefire and promised Sahrawis referendum on self determination organized by its peacekeeping mission known as manure. So since then, Morocco has blocked attempts to organize the vote. And the U. N Security Council has refused to implement its own referendum plan or allow manure so to monitor the human rights situation in the territory. Today, no country recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, one of the most inaccessible places in the world, and the international media has largely ignored the occupation. In part because Morocco has routinely blocked journalists from entering Western Sahara. But in late 2016 democracy now successfully broke the news blockade. We were in Marrakech, Morocco for the United Nations Climate change Conference with U. N credentials and U. S passports. We decided to take a chance and attempt to do what no foreign television crew has done in years..

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