Spain, Anderson, Williams discussed on The Flop House - Episode #227 1941


Both of them in the nineteen forty one comic is in his spain it's like oh to me is is like check davis like a mad magazine crew star work okay what the movie is trying to me and try so hard to be a jack davis movie it's trying to be a mad magazine version of it's the trying to me he added that he's in parity of itself yes equate yeah unlikely whenever the movie was this is the mad magazine version of it was it nineteen forty blast this is would make much more sense if of big credit came out said like code redtube i will older oh that's why there's all these shit in the background all the time because he's put knowledge chicken fat jokes assume in their prankster is in this movie florida i like the idea that and like the corners of the of sergio are going to hurt there's a doing for you yes i mean there's shots where there's just like a women's will of women's legs was stockings and high heels just picking sticking up off the ground of the right circle yeah anderson at hauls in blown up in the corner of the frame everywhere and it's like that so here's how would spent to williams for people haven't seen don't nineteen forty one and don't want to and shut if you saw the master the all time sanderson movie you know the lucky in phoenix character in that list this hugely traumatized if he was ever ever fully functional emotionally character can communicate with others and he only kind of understands violence in last at their most raul forms that's the treat williams character the played as a joke and also.

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