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I would hope that. She goes to smackdown before raw. Unless raw has a major change before that oscar drops the belt. We have a new tactic to start team. If if they give the belts the real credence they deserve. And it's not just another tag team belt. Vince solar yeah. I wouldn't mind but again. My whole i don't ever want to give vince all the shit for stuff right because vince has done a lot of great things and still continues to do a lot of great things in the in the industry. A lot of things. That are innovative. It's not like he misses all the fucking time but let's not make. It seem like he has a hall of fame swing and miss career right. It's he's hit bombs in clutch moments but he has a career average to seventy. I was gonna say. He's like johnny damon. He's sporting a one. Ninety average twenty. Three home runs judge. That's that's then what. Aaron judge is a fucking beast bro. Calm the fuck down modern right so yeah you know again. Vince clutched through you. Know but crabs to seventy which is not bad right but you're like If you could just kick those up these bounds of means so much more so okay this off. Because i do think that there's going to be a one on one match the next takeover between tony and i'm going to hedge my that. It's because he does getting a rematch. So tony storm to win. This by pinfall mercedes. Martinez is going to take the fall. Ill chirac will have the most near falls. I think we get twenty three minutes out of this match time. I think. I think all three of these women can go and it's a that's a good time Ten interrupted pin attempts z. Mine is very similar to yours. I have tony winning by penn. She'll be pitting martinez with e o having the most ear falls. My match time is eighteen minutes with six inter dependence permitted i so zebra of a good point about a nfc and women's possibly getting federal one of mania. So i that's what i think you'll probably drops the title to tony so i have Wedding by pinfall. She pays mercedes martinez. Tony storm just most near falls. Twenty one minute match. Time nine interrupted attempts. But also you said nine okay. Because you're kind of also i. I could see tony as well but a big marseille. Because they're just to take the fall for this match. Take both women because a part of bill has been tony. So i'm barbara. How else never beaten. Her beat her automate young classic. She never beat me. And if totally tony chase a pin expanded point you have like well. Here's a rubber match wrapped title new glued whale. Yes.

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