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High LA city fire launching a massive aerial assault helicopter after helicopter dropping water to super scooper soaking the front line you're listening to ABC news the potential closing of sugar Boulevard for the proposed shaker square project near Cleveland drawing ire of some residents so more doing the play the closest reading create more green space for area residents to mingle isn't taking into account safety concerns we live in a dynamic area here this is not made when you shut down the main artery people speed up and down a large mirror up and down the side streets developers argue that after pulling thousands of residents the majority of the communities on board for their plan but say they're still open more suggestions their next meeting on the project will be posted on the this is shaker square Facebook page flag some broader to half staff by governor Mike DeWine under detective George still real the Dade police department he died from his injuries after being shot twice in the face during a drug raid Monday night the real past Thursday after being taken off life support they were made at half staff until after his funeral this coming up week remains of a soldier who died during the Korean War been identified as an Ohio team the defense POW MIA accounting agency says the remains of army P. F. C. Carlisle die of Marion were accounted for December third of last year I was identified following twenty seventeen testing of remains initially declared unidentifiable after they were transferred to the national memorial cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii in the nineteen fifties die will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia police in green county of a suspect in the murder of a yellow springs man who went missing in January of thirty say twenty six year old Syrian sky author Arnett's was arrested Friday and and and non apartment complex on suspicion of murder and felonious assault for the death of we own it Clark Belden said seven hundred fifty thousand dollars no injuries after a north we'll garage went up in flames early yesterday morning fire officials say the blaze broke out sometime before one A. M. at Sherman and chestnut streets starting in a residential garage and then spreading to a nearby building the garage suffering significant damage the because under investigation I'm tile Cornell the.

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