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Hopefully it would be a warning the world under one person one world one person that's a slogan you know that's a slogan one world one person one world one person one world one person I've got it all right are all right thank you very much take care one world one person one world one person has a certain chance to it can you hear Americans chanting that in the future as they fall under the spell of you know who won world one one world blunders let's just get to the east of the Rockies line you're on the air hello hello going once going twice gone west of the Rockies you're on the air they are today Jerry Carino yes Sir how are you tonight well I that's a work in progress I called the other night nasty about the Robert ray Jonathan I can never remember Jonathan Jonathan read doctor Jonathan Reid yeah now I'm ed dames remote viewed as negative the new never commented on that yeah I did comment on it I said yes I I remember that what do you think of that what's it what's to think I mean he said that the so what I think what do you believe that dams are hi I don't know it deems as remote viewer what he says could be right or not right you know a lot of people been sending me email and faxes lately saying that the fungus on the mir are coming down right it sure sounds an awful lot like some had said yeah you believe that I don't believe it but you don't believe it no doubt or if you doubt it or you do you believe that in the in you just think that's not it I was just wondering but I got a request well I don't generally do them but this Merion mold our her midnight at the oasis not a great idea and that's it usually I play that is the last piece of bumper music of the night yeah that was fifty birds fiftieth birthday present from me was it remember that all well of course you're the one who sent that to me one the one that set up scores came on the show and then all of all that was really cool yeah she's he plays in the Reno area once in awhile and she's great she's driving me nuts about a residuals select your account are not gonna but they sell it to a remote for me I'll do that all right out take care on our time traveler line you're on the air hello the phone bill yes it is yeah I pulled like I talk to you today you told Mike Mike Siegel Mike Siegel back six months are your back six months and and and and use told the locals or the baseball team is gonna make the playoffs they don't believe me ask someone from the future and they say that or just like a potent training they will believe anyways going bother which baseball team is at I wanna give that information out why not that's on the west western half United States I and others from the facility here we we traveled six month intervals right now let's let me ask you this as a little hand is going to be a good year for the Dodgers no it's not LOL you don't have to time travel to know that what six months back about six months for all I see they haven't traveled much intervals they can confirm what happens rather quickly so to speak but it's not cheating in sports trying to get from the locals here I mean I don't if that's still kind of cheating I don't well to know the outcome and you know we're a team is going to then be able to go back and make adjustments I know that they are seldom gonna win but they don't believe me anyway well I guess that's a problem for any time traveler that is locally owned I don't believe I'm from the future they said in the training don't even bother to on them because they won't believe you you know maybe that's why we haven't embraced time traveling yet because we just don't believe that could be it now but I I said something about the the earthquake in the northwest they got pretty prepared for that but is the one in Seattle in that area so you don't feel like you help somebody what's that you feel like you help somebody then right what people up in the northwest yeah so you should have gained a little credibility from that for the phone service though we can't tell anybody what they'll happen you're the silent service well why would the silent service call a network radio show on five hundred radio stations all of the nation and well beyond are they going to put you up and hang you up by your response saying you can't be at the time when it happens that you take credit for it because they won't believe you.

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