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Big thing in terms of uh of of the fight for for labour across this country and the republicans were done in because the senate was perfectly willing to place on the national labor relations board a guy who is clearly conflicted on all of these issues and so this is one of those things where you know this is the gang they can't shoot straight meanwhile i know there's a couple more stories this week of of that type of like dimestore corruption well i it you know i mean obviously it's epidemic trump administration going all the way up to the top with nine junior flying up india you know basically sell the trump name to you know could sell these condo's that they've got going and then giving foreign policy speeches at the same time i mean it it is it goes at every level this is happening i think the one that's the thing that surprises me about the nlrb thing is the fact that somebody actually cared that there was a conflict of interest and called it out i mean that in itself is extremely usual it doesn't really i mean up to now movie i think it just been serving out of it you know who cares but they actually think you've had somebody who said gee there's some rules here and we seem to violated dumb and maybe we may maybe we should do that i mean unusual in itself and and the i i in a way i almost can't blame the the administr asian for appointing people like this um because honestly the senate you know past him right through and dave passed through all of these guys i mean look at look at look at scott pruitt look at look at the stuff that he's doing i mean he he's absolutely taking a meat ax to the environmental protection agency they've got people all over the place just screening bloody murder that that indeed the ended the program that studies you know kimiko harm to children yeah i mean this is after flint this is asked your speech here is that helps keep arsenic out of baby food for us just kind of thing that they're doing and and comparative it is i.

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