Assam discussed on #WeThePeople LIVE - EP. 96 THE FUTURE OF ISLAM


The the his being a white man is itself the the only problem that that that is a joke that could have been made by an african american very easily with reached a scenario where in so many different ways what's what's jot what your judge first and foremost on is not the content of your ideas but it is the color of your skin and what group you belong to i think that even in the absence of terrorism that would still be a problem so i think when you're atomic fleeting i actually think goes things are related earn i i i do think that that's arm if there if you're a like i'll tell you one thing the islamists and the fundamentalists retina i don't like he's wore the slimmest because i know this there's no christian nests you know that's any in any way the the the these people thrive on it they know that this works that said this is a form of this is part of their whole at the what they want you to do when they want you to be in fear it's not just fear of being bombed his uscis fear of being uh it out of dying or you know the dying in an explosion whatever it this it's also a the the fear of speaking up i that that's part of it they they use like for example the term islamphobic ray term slumped for which conflates criticism of an ideology which is a slum with demonization of people just muslims that's up legitimate criticism of assam and antimoslem bigotry which are two completely different things are conflated under this umbrella term slump phobia and this is something the muslim brotherhood used a lot because it's a great tool you can actually take a pain.

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