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Don't quit on talent and let me just real quickly relocated let me this is john mary and maybe you heard from this statement later on this afternoon with the three amigos in the afternoon let me read this in case you didn't hear this is mira he just gave his clearest statement yet on the dell beckham trade frenzy he's not on the block is echoing to stop clubs possibly calling us no but he's not on the block were not shopping him around do i want him to be traded this john mara do i want him to be traded absolutely not i want him to be a giant i can't promise that's going to happen we're not looking to get rid of him okay i'd like him to be a giant but if you're asking me for one hundred percent guarantee nobody has that he goes on to say i don't i don't know much more clearly how i can say it i don't want him to be traded i want him to be a giant but i can't sit here and tell you that's a hundred percent guaranteed that that is going to happen so why go through this odell beckham trade dance and not just say the giants aren't trading am said john mayer that there's no harm in having people call and the people he wants calling are those who want to buy tickets to see odell beckham junior play football.

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