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That's your play i don't have a ton funny to say about this episode i'm so upset genuinely i want people to tag her i hate her i do she's unacceptable you do not go after someone's mothering especially when someone's doing their best and i never thought i'd be defending catherine deniz i'm gonna say this i'm gonna go a step further catherine dennis is hero she's a hero stand there i would have gone to jail after that interaction i literally a woman the other day the park is like you didn't bring snacks for your kid and i was like what the fuck did you say to me that is how i acted when someone just question if i had snacks and here was how thomas explained away ashley goes shoes toe she likes to move up in joan a lot so like that is true and yet this woman who knows nothing honestly about being a mother she knows nothing about the situation and i was looking for the words honestly to to say tonight what i was feeling and i found them in a woman named monique from potomac monique said the following this week and i believe it applies here and i like when one show kind of helps me make sense of the other it's like the liable yeah so in this is catherine the devil in the by i haven't read it but while you've read the first part no there's something about killing smo niks says that's why i don't full with people who don't have anything to lose because they're reckless hell that woman is fucking reckless she is beyond reckless and she's still with thomas go on her instagram it's i'm not going to get political but she's on the wrong side of the law there as well she said milania trump was her goddamn hero she is the she shayna sheena shea of southern charm.

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