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Hello and happy Friday. I'm Tracy Wilson and I'm holly fry this week. We spent both are episodes. Talking about history of diabetes and insulin and I think off Mike Not While recording you mentioned there being various diabetes and your extended family mine too And then also When I was a kid growing up in the eighties and nineties one of my long term schoolfriends had type one diabetes. Which was definitely. I mean. It's still definitely a challenge to manage diabetes a lifelong ongoing thing but what she was having to do in the eighties. Nineties is very different. From what my friends that I have kept up with now like now. I Know Folks. Who have insulin pumps that are delivering the insulin? They need without this whole like get the thing out of the refrigerator and inject yourself pray that she was having a child. There are definitely people that are still injecting themselves with syringes and insulin. That has to be refrigerated once once you get on a management strategy. That's working for you. Folks tend to be very reluctant to change. That strategy can be a really big deal. Yeah I mean you're messing with your body chemistry in a way that is potentially fatal at that point if you start tweaking things without some pretty careful management. I think I probably actually at this point in my life. No more about diabetes in cats than humans None of mind thus far and I knock wood because I am superstitious. Even though I know that silly Have had it but I have had a lot of friends who have had cats with it and because our friend group tends to trade around cat care and some of my friends who will squeamish about needles. There have certainly been times. Yeah when I have been the one to be like I will administer this. Yeah Yeah it's an interesting thing it's fascinating to me because I personally tend to be the other way. I have low blood sugar naturally and I'm more endanger of like not having enough protein to keep me going as far less scary and easier to manage through diet although my understanding is that you know that's one of those things that your body can kind of switch gears and and Turn it into a much more scary diabetics as you get older. Knock on wood eating all the protein. Yes we didn't really talk about this part. We talked a lot about the pancreas in the podcast. Talk about how in most people the way that type. One diabetes develops is that the immune system attacks. The islet cells in the pancreas for some reason. So as doctors are trying to find ways to treat diabetes itself rather than using insulin as a a management strategy for diabetes. Like one of the things is trying to keep the body from doing that in the first place but as is the case with so many Autoimmune issues the thing that causes the body to do that can be a whole range of different Different things yeah. I'm curious I know we had to stop at one point because I had my ridiculously emotional reaction to discussion of dogs Yes for anyone that knows that I am not a vegetarian. I understand. That is complex. Doesn't always make sense to everyone. it's interesting to me. How emotionally fraught. Some of these stories can be an. I'm into the dog thing. But really what like hurt? My heart was reading about the ways that they were limiting the nutrition of children to treat. This was their other stuff that you found that maybe didn't make it in. That was similarly along main that you're really not this. Some of the things that I read went into more detail about the dog research and especially older like more detail of those earlier studies that people were doing on dogs before banting and best or doing anything and like some of that is just horrifying to read the details of I like I at a couple of different points in my life have been vegetarian for animal rights reasons and like I out of taking anatomy and physiology in high school. Because I didn't WANNA have to dissect animals uh-huh so a lot of that stuff is really difficult for me like I do. I do eat meat now but most of my meals are not do not include meat and like I'm also the person that's buying. The humanely raised eggs and all of that. Oh Yeah So reading about that was all really hard but at the same time like there are so many people in my life who need insulin to live and they would not be here if people had not done that work. Which makes it complicated rights. I mean that's really the thing I like. This is always my take away. Something I always try to convey to people when talking about history is that none of it is clean. None of it is like a black and white. They did everything correctly. And we feel good about this because most advancements that have led to the the creature comforts we enjoy today or the lifesaving things that we need today and and have access to an I use that in the very very slushy nature because I know not everyone has ready access to it But in terms of just having been developed does come from some things that are uncomfortable and morally difficult in many cases. So kind of the the dance you have to do when you're looking at some of this historical The historical record in terms particularly with scientific development. And it's kind of hard to square. I think we I know I would rather certainly that things be black and white and simple. But the they're not and kind of finding your way through that that middle range in the ambiguity of not being able to say something was like all done perfectly bright without any tainting to the moral dilemma is That's trick you can't do it. Yeah Yeah history. Why why must you be cloudy? I have questions so many times where he on the show So yeah I'm also glad that there's you know there have been so many developments in insulin and how it's made and how it works and how it acts in the body and insulin analogs and all that stuff like just like I said earlier when I have been in the same room with somebody. He was taking their insulin. Nineteen eighty-seven versus now like it's just a more comfortable process. Yeah say now that in nineteen eighty seven so even in our lifetimes there have been these changes. Oh Yeah I mean when I was a kid I was probably six. I think I was in first grade like one of my classmates when into a diabetic coma. And you know it was. She was a neighbor and it was very touching go and we didn't know if she was going to be okay. And I remember like that was my first exposure to diabetes and like trying to have this explained by my Dad. He was trying to be very scientific. But like was giving me way more than I was intellectually. Ready for what do you mean sugar can kill you? Wait and I became a little scared of cupcakes for a minute for a minute and it it was one of those things and now when I look back I think like today that whole situation would have been completely different. I mean that can can definitely still happen and it's still a terrifying experience. Yeah the the available course of action exactly improved exactly so. Yeah Still. Still Room for more but improved. Yeah like so many things that we talked about on the show. This is an ongoing development. Right maybe next year there will be a magical thing in this episode will be outdated. I I would. Yeah if it makes it. I mean given that we often have that problem where we talk about a thing and immediately it becomes slightly outdated because someone discovers the next scientific or technological uncovers another historical facts that changes the context of everything so baby were initiating it and catalyzing it by putting it in that will be cool So yeah thanks everybody tune in on this candle Friday if you WANNA send us email about any anything where it history podcast. Iheartradio DOT COM aunt subscribed our show. If you haven't on apple podcasts. Iheartradio apper anywhere. You like to listen to podcasts. Stuff you missed in history. Classes the production of iheartradio for more podcasts iheartradio. Visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this episode has been brought to you by the completely redesigned twenty twenty four explorer. You may want to explore the world around you and this is agreed vehicle to do it in. 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