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Of the July twenty fifth call but I was aware various contacts between the three Amigos and his government's about this set of issues and after you read the call what did you determine to be the sensitive issues the president's a Lansky reference berries my bite investigation okay so then so that's David Holmes Nancy's saying that Zelinsky is is basically saying that he discussed the sensitive issues with president trump how big a point is this in the next it's an extremely important point and Holmes has proven to be one of the most crucial and credible witnesses that we've seen thus far both because Holmes documented he was there in that meeting with the Ukrainian president when the Ukrainian president sad these issues were raised with me they're extremely sensitive I will need to get back to president trump on them so that in itself I think is very very important home secondly was the on eye witness he was their witness saying Sunderland's phone conversation with trump when trump asked about the investigation and providing very clear irrefutable evidence really that trump was orchestrating this effort what we've heard from a number of the Republicans both on the record but also behind the scenes is an effort to suggest that this was Rudy guiliani acting independently homes has connected trump both through the meeting with some Lansky and through that phone call with Sunderland and trump that he witnessed so Amy just wrapping up everything and you know this is apparently going to be the last day although you never now of public hearings leases the last publicly last canceled public hearing I'm what is the Republican strategy here what is the Republican defense to all this it doesn't appear that they are contesting the fact that that the you know things written down phone calls transcripts that these things did happen but I guess the interpretation is different is it that there's really nothing to see here their defense is shifted all along throughout this process depending on how much evidence has come to light so it the very early days of this their tax the very process of the impeachment investigation they said that the Congress you know democratic that Congress didn't have the right to do this unless they had a floor vote although my understanding is that that that the Democrats did have the right to do this so the first of all the attacks the process they've you know so the presence allies have have come out and to try to describe some of the witnesses is never trump Kerr is which is leading to smear you know war veterans a Purple Heart work Iraq war veteran the process along with career diplomats who served under both administrations as I mentioned earlier today we have this kind of interesting pivot where they're saying ought to know we believed all along that it was Russia interfered in the election even though the trying to kind of call witnesses that might build their case for this Ukraine idea and then it on on the bigger picture kind of top level if you watch fox news one of the strong narratives that comes out there is is that they're trying to say with this is boring this is irrelevant to the American public you know people are care about healthcare and education and you know this is all too complicated and doll why would anybody care nest of course it's not you know it's not an either or you can care about healthcare but also extremely deeply about you know what the president is doing with US national security when it comes to Ukraine I'm so it's shifted all along and so it's gonna be interested to see where they take it now given that we've just heard from so many career officials all coming out and saying building a very very similar picture of what went on in the summer and this effort to build out back channel to pressure Ukraine to pursue these investigations right I mean McKenna farm policy ambassador Nancy mceldowny thank you so much thank you coming up how women dominated the stage at last night's democratic presidential debate that's next on press play KCRW sponsors include cirque de soleil presenting Volta.

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