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Flor, The Devil's Undead, Laurie Lovett. I Get her in the one that got busted for buying her kids waiting to school always mixed up. I get those two names mixed up and she was busted prior to the covert shutdowns. For making some moves with her stocks, making some moves with their portfolio that saved her a ton of money because industries tanked right after they started locking things down. So she got busted for the insider trading ultimately cost her her Senate seat in Georgia, and it cost the Republicans The cuts Republicans the control of the Senate, and David Perdue, the other Republican, was accused of the same thing for the same actual cove in related issues, like Oh, they're gonna shut the okay, Let's buy a bunch of stock. Cool, dum Yes, because it doesn't make it Look like you're serving the people of Georgia. It makes it look like you're serving yourself. Which, of course, I think that 90% of them are But I'm the cynical one. So I would expect that out of myself. Now, I would always say you don't bet against Dylan Musk. You know what I would say that the man put men in a space station. Okay. It's basically are our equivalent of putting men on the moon. Yeah, I mean, he did. That is a is a private business. Now, keep in mind. It's It's mostly in government subsidies in a huge huge government checks, but, hey, I wouldn't bet against the guy. He's doing it. He did it before we did. And he was smart enough to do it before we did so good on you, kid. Nancy Pelosi's husband. Has bought a million dollars in Tesla's stock. Thinking if he thrived a while, he actually came up under the Obama regime and now He's going to absolutely thrive during the Biden administration and talking about Elon, Musk and Tesla and the like, But yes, Nancy Pelosi's husband. Yes, they do have that much money that they could just buy a million dollars in stock and one company, And he also disclosed purchases of Apple and Walt Disney as well, because I'm through a Disney stock. Say goodbye right now. Is all of the parks are closed. This is unbelievable. To me. This is why I'm so cynical because I've been looking at stories like this for 20 years. They love how they try to claim that Nancy Pelosi is not in on it. Okay, because they don't talk. They never talk because Nancy Pelosi's a speaker of the House of Representatives, who controls the purse strings in the United States, If we go back to our civics lesson, we understand. House of Representatives basically funds all appropriations in the country. We had. Joe Biden yesterday say that all of the federal government vehicles eventually going to be replaced by electric vehicles. How many of those will be bought by Tesla? How many of those to be made by Tesla? How much more government money is tested going to get? Especially now that Nancy Pelosi knows that her husband just bought a million dollars worth of stock? And Tesla. The speaker's office has submitted a statement because, of course they're not going to. They're going to show their face in front of cameras. The disclosure forms clearly indicate these investments were made by Mr Paul Pelosi, not the speaker. The letters s P listed under owner indicate the purchases were made by a spouse. So that's okay. So Oh, okay. We see once again them feeling in their core that you are too stupid. To see through this And you are dumb enough to actually believe that. Okay? Okay. It was Paul Pelosi that made the purchase is it wasn't Nancy Pelosi. She's not going to benefit from them at all. Unbelievable. Because this is but this is why so many of us Really look at what happens in Washington with just utter disgust because this is wealth transfer. In a sense. And Elon musk it a bunch of government money to help make Tesla and probably Space X because he was the last one to fly astronauts to the space station. So that's our money. Great. It's innovative. The fact that he can re use a rocket is pretty amazing. So that's awesome. But nonetheless. Everyone is at the trough of government money, our money your money money that they take out of your paycheck and say they need to pay for homeless people in San Francisco. The reality is that's part of it. But the reality is there's so many people getting rich off your back off your money on the fact that you drive to work every single day, and they're even coming after you. Gas, Texas Voted judge, their transportation secretary and Joe Biden didn't rule out the fact that they might make it more expensive for you to drive to work based on inflation, they said. So it'll always be changing and evolving how much they could take out of each gallon that you buy. So pop Alosi can get rich spouses and members of Congress are allowed to own shares of companies and industries, which their significant others may help regulate. But under the Stock Act, remember this This is what they were like. Oh, we're going to stop ourselves from insider trading. They're not allowed to act on nonpublic information. The same goes for Congress members themselves because that's always enforced right? Easy. Sure, this is what happens. Congress polices themselves. Congress votes on their own pay raises Congress votes in their own health benefits. Congress is in charge of all of that. So if Mike and I decided to go to 5 50 caff wide management, so you know what We're going to be in charge of our own pay. Thank you very much. You think we'd pay ourselves? I give myself a raise. I give my courageous give you one, too. Thanks, buddy. And that's what we were doing back. You know what? The health care benefits? You know what the company's gonna pay for all of that? Because we're not gonna pay for anybody Pay cold pays none of that nonsense. But the reality is we don't get to make those decisions in the private world. But Congress gets to make that decision for themselves. So that's why they have the greatest benefits. Your money combines. We have Base salaries. $174,000 you get on a couple of committee assignments gonna be up around 200,000 the great Martha Stewart went to prison. It was camp cream puff. But she went to prison for not even 1/10 of this. Not even though percent of what we have going on here in this type of insider trading, and she well, she got sent because she lied. I understand that. It was. It was in an insider trading kind of deal. This is it's blatant that they are just cashing in on every Opportunity to just enrich themselves. And while we lose our jobs and people, are we we're talking about Bianca going out of going out of business, and it's sad and so much for the Democrat talking point. It. Only people like hell on Musk and Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon made so much money during the pandemic.

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