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Lot. We have a gun, too. So we know you're gonna bring us some great dirt. Yes. So let's start with an exclusive story over at TMZ dot com concerning Kris Jenner and an alleged lawsuit so You just do you take this with a grain of salt. So Kris Jenner's rep is saying she hasn't even she's doing a Mariah Carey. Jennifer Lopez think she doesn't even know who influencer able to we, it Louise is but says If Ava Louise keeps making up fake stories, there could be legal consequences. So here's the story. And it was a story that I think you guys talked about on your show last week, so Avis is social media influencer. She got attention last week after posting a tic tac, suggesting that Kanye West had been hooking up with Jeffrey Starr, right, and Jeffery Starr has denied that. But that rumor spread on social media Ava admitting that she made the whole thing up, but also claimed that she received a cease and desist letter from Chris generous company threatening legal action. Is she didn't stop making allegations about Kim and Kanye. Oh, my word, because Jeff, I mean here. Jeffrey Starr, the male beauty guru who also lives in my homing He over the weekend, replied to every single MIM about him and Connie West. So he's taking that all the way to whatever. I mean, he's playing with it. I mean, Kim selling Ho Shary. Now she was modeling pantyhose. I mean, who's buying Hoshyar e right now? Not. I said, the literary and people are buying cracks. They're having a record data record year less but do not again. I don't know they did this. Ava apologize them like to Kim and Kanye's like there was a cease and desist. Well, apparently a rep for Kris Jenner said. Is that the season desist letter is also totally made up. Oh, my word. She's not going to get any free contour sticks. Oh, my gosh, The nerve! So Chris dinners, people. Telling TMZ quote Christians, people being Christian. Let's be clear on that. So we have zero clue who this person is, and have not yet taken legal action, However, if she continues to spread lie after lie and a fake letter in a desperate cry for public attention, which he admitted on the record that she seeking Then we will have no choice but to take legal action on principle. It's made everybody forget they're getting divorced yet has yeah, So dinner's rep also adds making up fake stories in an effort to monetize and get attention, which has a direct effect on people's lives is not okay. And that's her job. By the way, way. Well, the nerve of Yeah, that's that's your job. So you don't need a little ticked title. Get out of here. Wow! Oh, my gosh. Exactly. Thank you for the Beautiful Hollywood speak up, But I do think that Kim Kardashian did especially when Jeffrey Starr, you know, started liking all these means and stuff. Apparently she knew him through their beauty worlds. He is a Jeffrey, sir, is a beauty influencer. Remember going out to the Mall of America last year in walking with my friend this pre print and there were hundreds of people in line. Why? Because the makeup store on the second floor outside of Nordstrom. Jeffery Starr was going to be in person. Oh, God. All right, I would say like people follow him to 30 year olds. Holly, I'm not even kidding. And I think she and this Jeffrey, they knew each other and friends, So probably all of this is you know she is truly bothered by it. Yeah, I think that was that Morph Beauty. Yes, That's what I was called. It's probably is still there. I hope Let's hope so well and then also Jeffery Starr is in the same Calabasas neighborhood area as Kim Kardashian so they're kind of floating around in those same geographical circles as well. So I mean, is Kanye Bye as well is this is what I was pulling. This was hired by bowler from some of the kids by by by that, I'm not coming from some of the kids. Is this a Finnish street? This is what I was wondering. Is that why they wanted shut down? Well, you know interesting enough that you brought up that point, You know, Rumors on the Internet and other places have long speculated that Kanye West. Both likes men and women and that one of the people that allegedly like the rumor mill when you go deep into the Internet is that Kanye West and Ricardo Tisch E of Givenchy perhaps had, um, a close friendship together. That's when he left to prepare any pregnant parents in Paris. Yeah, so you know, if you go down gossip rabbit holes, you will find people who Have been speculating about this for years. At this point, I'm Yeah. You know, into your point that this story in particular is being aggressively shot down in a way we don't usually see that we're actually don't see from camp Kris Jenner because I mean any press is good press. According to Kardashian and company. I mean, it's like, Oh, my gosh, if we're being talked about fantastic, you're gonna come with us to Hu Lu and you're gonna watch our programming. So there's something about this story. That's very fascinating in the fact that Kris Jenner is very forward with shutting it down. So all right. Just leave that there. That's good, Holly yet it all of that. Yes, and let's go to some more messiness. Shall we Okay? Exclusive over at the Daily Mail. We're talking about the divorce between Dr Dre and Nicole Young. Now, Nicole Young has filed some court documents in their divorce. This happened days before Dr Dre suffered a brain aneurysm. The Daily Mail reporting that the cool young is claiming that Dr Dre held a gun to her head, punched her in the face and slammed her against the wall. This all happening in 2000 and 2001. No, no, Go ahead. Well, I was just going to say is this court die like Is this something that came out in court documents? It was filed a little while ago because the one thing that I did think was interesting. It raised both of my eyebrows. And they do still raise even though I am freshly both attacks is why did Dr Dres people while he was in the hospital, a brain aneurysm. Agreed to pay her $2 million a month, which is what they've been fighting us. It has been, and I thought there I wonder what other thing we're gonna find out about it. And here it is. Sure, Yeah, because Thies Court documents were filed just days before Dr Dre went to the hospital with his medical emergencies. So the timing interesting there. So the this all happened allegedly about 20 years ago and here? Yeah, it's it's not good. So Dr Dre did make a declaration last week that said, at no time did I abuse Nicole or threatened her physically physical safety? Amina's lawyers made that yes, right because I mean he's in I see you still, I don't think we really know how he's doing. I think that that is all being I don't know if he's still in. I C s is Joe. Yeah, I saw Billy Bush reported on extra last night. Yeah, yeah. Dr Dre, like they're his people are sending out messages every once in a.

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