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In one of the greatest games I think I've seen in a long time. I am in double overtime claims in 47 40. Irish, one of one's Dr Clark alive on the scene. What a great win win. Well, Bob, you just mentioned game that lived up to all the hype. The Notre Dame defensive line dialed up the pressure on Clemson quarterback deejay Uncle Ali in the second overtime. After the Irish took the lead, courtesy of running back Irene Williams to knock off a top ranked Tigers from the ranks of the unbeaten with 47 to 40 win 706 on the play and a lot of exuberant transfer on campus right now about their should be they're saying it's back and forth When Ian Book fumbles goes Indians own, they recover. For a touchback. This is late in the third or I mean, it's in the fourth. I'm thinking, you know what if this may be their their downfall, but they battled back. They battled back in overtime that just kept hanging in there and hang in there and making plays and had the great stop there when Clemson had it in double overtime. What a gutty with the Irish team that had won some mistakes. It came back to win one of the most important games, they'll play a lot of mistakes in order to capitalize on those mistakes by Clemson in the first half. Notre Dame having some trouble in the red Zone, but they scored when they needed to, and no offense can score points. But it's a defensive can win Championships in that Notre Dame defense really came out in that overtime period, too. Find a little bit something extra in the tank to take down that freshman quarterback from Clemson, but just a classic game here in South Bend, and Notre Dame would finally a statement. Man. This is a game that's been looking for since that lost down in Dallas to the clamps and tigers, but Notre Dame is back on the map nationally in college football. No question you are in the second half, Notre Dame's defense was challenged. This was a very efficient claims in all fans throughout that 3rd and 4th quarter, but when they needed Tio when they needed the big stops at four in the second overtime, first possession stuff they thrown for a loss.

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