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This disinflationary and then as a result you've been able to enjoy economic growth with up with less inflationary consequences june what are the basis for some of the legal challenges that will be made there are several basis is one of the ones that i think is probably the strongest is that they failed to follow the proper procedural hurdles that they had to go through and that's relates the millions of public comments and you heard eric schneidermann and others saying that they've after months of investigation they found that at least two million were fake using the identities stolen from americans and a few research study also found the loved them were perhaps filed by bots and what happened is they asked the nineteen sayed attorney general's asked ig pie to put a hold on the on the vote until they could actually look at these comments and he refused so the question is did he consider those comments as he should have did did the agency consider those comments or did they fail to follow the administrative procedures act because they didn't they ignored them and that's actually a pretty strong argument that they didn't follow their own rules another really good one is that the fcc under this blocks the states were making their own net neutrality rules and so attorneys general can argue that the fcc doesn't have the authority to prevent state consumer protection laws and one california state senator has already said he's when introduced a bill to impose net neutrality rules in that state and so uh you know the fcc doesn't have unlimited authority to preempt and rat may be actually the strongest argument well let's talk david a little bit about what some of the arguments are four dropping these net neutrality provisions right because some of the internet service providers have argued that they would actually be able to invest more in their infrastructure if they had less government control can you speak to that.

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