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Going on? Holy mackerel. You're not gonna believe this, But Joe Bond seems to be forgetting things again. It's getting a little stranger by the minute. If you ask me. I mean, I don't know how people can realize that this guy is suffering with some kind of mental instability. There's no question about it. But just this weekend, they finally got him out on the campaign trail. Once in a while here, and there they will mount. It seems like he's kind of remembering things like who is running against me for more years of George Organization in the history of He put together the most extensive voter fraud commission in the history of the United States. So I guess the bl EMS and the antifreeze in the George source and everybody they got this whole voter fraud thing. Ready to go to try toe. Rig it up. I don't know. Maybe he forgot that he wasn't supposed to say that in front of a lot of forgetfulness going on, and it seems like to me, Kamala. Paris may very well may be rubbing off on are a little bit. Maybe the dimension thing is a little contagious because he is Kamala Harris out on the campaign..

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