President Biden, Colorado, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


News. Radio time is 102. In a burst of climate orders, President Biden ordered federal agencies to begin the process of reinstating environmental regulations reversed under the Trump administration. This included revoking aqui permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Republican strategist Dick Wadhams wonders of President Biden acted too hastily. But there are going to be families and blue collar workers put out of their jobs because of what the president did yesterday. Also, that's going to drive up the cost of energy in the century. So you professor Alice Madden told Kay away news radio that some of these environmental regulations will have an impact on Colorado. Rejoining the Paris Treaty means a lot for Denver, where the headquarters of Region eight of the EPA at headquarters for six states, That means they'll be hiring. There's gonna be a lot of economic activity in Denver just around the rebuilding of the EPA. His first day on the job, President Biden issued 15 executive orders and two directives 91% of Colorado is experiencing severe drought and 28% of the state is considered to be an exceptional drought. We don't seem or snow and rain, we could be in for another bad wildfire year and water supplies. Could be lower than normal. The latest data from the government's drought monitor. The impacts are already being felt. Denver Water says its reservoirs or 78%, full, that's about 4% below normal for the middle of January. Attention shifting from power ball to tonight's $970 Million mega Millions jackpot and one person in Maryland took the Powerball jackpot of $730 million to Colorado players match for the five numbers making their tickets each worth $150,000. The winners were sold at Wal Mart in Aurora and Broadway, Wine and Spirits and Sterling in Sports. The NC double a placing Notre Dame football on probation for one year for recruiting violations. And Gary Kubiak, calling it a career announcing his retirement from the NFL. I'm Joel Healing K Away news Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from the bedspread. Sports Traffic Senate. It's an easy drive on the mentoring freeways. Nothing interfering. You're slowing you down. This time, None of the road work is causing problems. They will find speeds. No 1/6, the Lakewood C 4 74 70 all looking good. No problems on. I 70 across town. Heading up into the high country. You will encounter chain attraction laws. There's no issues on 36 between here in Boulder, and you'll make a time on Pina Boulevard. If we're heading out towards the airport, there is construction in the right lane. If you're traveling westbound on.

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