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The only time anybody talk also like fight related stuff and i love that there's a deleted scene where he goes to visit the guy that broken leg is like simon care to tail probably an extra questions what happened to the mentor son initially the mentor goes hey man this is all about without getting my son into the cool tatum day and then but then he gets his ass kicked out of school and he's never seen again so what happened now he dies. That's why i frank comes in. That's that should be my answer for the day. Never show the death now. They show them mourning the death. If they've got a picture of what happened yeah you'd probably use in the military or something who knows no back story at all. We have three minutes of him walking sadly around kowloon to that sappy samba. We can't find out what happened to the mentor son now. Let let me also say like why is the mentors like why is the mentor son so bad at fighting. You've got like ask so bad why you've got access to this incredible resource your father who's like whoa whoa whoa. How do we know that he is bad because he got beat up by three older kids. Even that fighting the that should have been a bad as we should have been like wow that kids like the ca like when we watched the lebron james junior high last. He's got to be frank on his an on his knees he did do that. In and frank was holding a sword. He's still ran up vitamin fucking kick them but again that should be my pick for the dion waiters when the dad gives speech about how his dad his son is dead and like this tradition that we've been passing passing down from father to son father's chokes up in that moment like why can't we give him dion waiters. That's what i'm saying. That's that's good or the mom who just smiling knowingly at everybody that surfaced online another unanswerable question which already asking you what happens when you mentioned bud sports forest whittaker like you're at a dinner with him you just have if someone came in fucking love blood sports says reaction. I think he's he's thrilled about it. Tells like a kowloon story. He's got out of news stories yeah. He's crazy and they had to shut that place down force which is an all-time cool okay one hundred percent shea out of all the sporting events. You could have gone to the sports movie. How high is john lee frank dukes the finals you could have been ringside with the with the atlantic reporter. I mean the story and the two f._b._i. Storylines right themselves yeah. Is that a top five. I would have wanted to be there for the finals moment. That's got to be a number one. I think if we're just talking about the stakes we're talking about it like a a again. This is a fight to the death. We have the reigning champion who hasn't been defeated in years. We have this the first american person who has a chance to win like that's an incredible but he might die and he's there carrying on the lineage of his mentor whose son undyed that story comes out about right. That's all my god. That's that's a two thousand word feature and this is strongly coming off having just killed his second combatant right in in the tournament i that's that's got to be the soccer game victory. I'm not interested in that. This is what they had to beat the nazis and then everybody escapes and everyone in the crowd breaks through the walls leading to big story of a good story but i gotta say it's not it's not like this one. The hype surrounding would have been huge. The nazis worst the prisoners game. You're like like the nazis yeah. It's it's like it's more about the escape. It's less about like the game. It's excitement. One is dislike hype hype about shoot louden swain. I don't even know what that is vision quest. I know that one's pretty big that was i never saw vision wesson. Oh all right. Can you watch out for me to watch. That's peak. That's matthew modine greatest wrestling talk about time. Oh that one. I is that the one where he climbs up to the okay. I've seen clips of it. I think you're so excited. That's gimme chongli. Versus ranked news number one it me <hes> sidney dean and billy hoyle versus a king duck for number two. Give me you know if you pay for that. One you primarily go to the court and my third pick is gimme. The uh gimme the title game friday night lights how about how about highschool texts how doug and kate for the doubles figure skating gold in cutting edge coming off the drama i t his hockey career in tatters he switches lanes to become a figure skater and they win the goal i would i would go blades of glory slapshot title game where it's just gonna be abroad for three periods would have been fun to go to my honorable mention fourth place. The the bob sled race in cool runnings earnings. I wanna see that down there. Also you know what actually forget it. I think the most hype has to be <hes> like a dozen dead racist baseball players coming back to life to play a game or fill in a cornfield pick. I mean i mean this is like everything you know about. Reality has been overturned. Go i'm gonna i'm gonna wind up it. Give me snake in the basketball pit when he's gotta go court to court art ten seconds to make the shot and he gets it gets harder and harder and it ends with him doing a full court shot yeah and then they still try to kill him. Snake snake plus can baby this one's. It's for shea specifically. Yes best paco movie performance ever bloodsport batboys. Who's the king of the pacos. Oh blood him but i'll paco agla guy oh negro. I forgot about that one. I only in bed. That's so that's the that's the number one number two number martinez pablo from blasberg overpop- go from bad boys. Yeah i think so bad. Wasn't he talking about trump voice. Yes yeah my god sean penn. Ben sean penn bad voice. Us is a dark movie. It's a great movie though he fills the ben and i watched the last one seeing that there's eh showing the pill sheet with the soda cans. That's tough is the the exploding radio at is wild. It blew my mind when i realized that that is a guy who grew up to be the guard shawshank. I was like oh no wonder he's douay and then he ended up in <hes> in billions yeah. He got his life together yeah. He's one of those guys in which real f._m. Guy would be the best bloodsport character conor mcgregor yeah right unique unique conor mcgregor. Look we're going to reboot it in economy gregor in the in the john claude van damme real. That's where my mind was going as well. You need nate d as he conor mcgregor finds out about kuma today he's in and is doing here's. The issue or monsters are making him. Do it can conor mcgregor do like the humility required for the frank dukes now yeah. Yes you think so i think so. Did you watch his documentary is a tender guy when he wants to be he listened he meets arnold schwarzenegger and the documentary and he like freaks out about it. Arnold schwarzenegger says i'll be back line and he like melts. It's great. It's wonderful conor mcgregor. You mean nate diaz and rampage jackson okay. Was this the biggest choke job sports movie history. He's he blinds. Jean claude van damme van vandamme <hes> he blinds him the guy's blind in a very small space. He's already killed. Somebody broke. Somebody's leg and put somebody in a coma and he can't finish them off. I don't think this is not a church. You're not play around. I mean this was part of his training. I am the next day that's just incredible you have him. That's incredibly bad. Luck that you blind at the guy and it turns out train. Train fight wars yeah five blinds. I think it's jackson's is more. That's legitimate choke because he had it he had he had he had sean on the ropes oops and then he's like. That's a we were talking about reggie. That's reggie doing the barrett yeah and then the guy and then tony was toni kukoc. She has a shot afterward yeah yeah you have three kids like you could do this. One of one of the twins okay you just do the blindfold training thing that they did with with with van damme in this movie and having like walk around the table with the blindfold serve like see how much you could actually and then compare him to the other kid and see if this actually work okay could summer project for you. We're gonna try that. Put you gotta serve everyone dinner. This platform just don't feel like it would be like in two days. John clods like yeah. I'm getting them and it's like. I don't even need is. I don't think it was two days. I think it was a it was a long time. The montage stretches years times times bestselling authors chase around accused of child abuse children who is has been in karate jujitsu or anything like that. He just wants to fight people for real. That's great. We put the twins in his karate. He's like i want to actually do stuff we with the twins in karate when they were like six or seven and they loved it and it was like because you show up in the first year just doing flips yeah yeah twists in your like punching this like plastic paper or whatever and they kept going and kept going and then eventually he got like the sparring session and the hated it. They didn't want any part of it. One of the boys braxton was there and he was like he's super shy. He does not like touching other kids. You don't want any part of that and he <hes> they call them up there since they did and they're trying to get into a fight and he wouldn't he wouldn't do it. He just refused to hit them so they gave him these like styrofoam sorts then like okay hit him with the sword it gets a sort and other kid but could just as soon as they said fight he fucking opt braxton in the chest and braxton through a sort on the ground he screamed like john cod vandamme in the movie. Oh <music> and then he charged with the kid grabbed them on the floor and we're just like <hes> he got like three or four solid shots before that since a pull them off and we were lake aac know karate karate for you. That sounds like what would happen by said yeah. I don't know if it's a good idea to ever been and believe what i was watching so so if you're blinded by an illegal substance while salt with salt it's fine your would your strategy have been into sweeping. Roundhouse task kicks as part of the blind. Maybe he's over there just all around the apple around the strategy that you can't see i mean i. I actually think that's pretty good because it's that the fighting platform is not that big. I'd say falls off in real life because there's a couple points where he he's trained for just the ref f- trained for activating all of his senses yeah right any other questions melham anything else. Did we answer every question yet. I have a thousand of them but i think i would like to keep them to myself..

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