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Since any Bengals, welcome Joe burrow back, throw it through in 7 on 7, so with Tom Brady taking two weeks off, Joe burrow had taken a couple of weeks off and now back in the fold. How much of their success last year surprised you TJ? All of it? I'm just being honest. I don't believe anybody including the people involved with the Bengals thought that they could make a run to the Super Bowl. But now, you don't expect a Super Bowl appearance every year, but you expect at least I do. I expect a pretty good run for the next at least handful of years. It concerns me that Jesse Bates is an encamp. They're not going to re sign them the draft kind of showed you that they're not going to re sign them. And who they drafted, the defense was a big reason why they made it to where they made it. Played the chiefs twice in the last month. Both times in a second half, they pretty much shut the chiefs down, and so that's the defense. Yeah, the offense, they get a lot of the credit they're in the headlines, but the defense is the reason they had the type of year that they had. And so if they can't do that again, they'll be good, but making that type of run, everything about that run surprised me. So you weren't, you weren't the former Cincinnati Bengal going like, hey, watch my boys are going to be really, really good this year. No, I thought Joe would be good, just training out here. His confidence, it was just different. It was just different the way he carried himself. But being there as long as I was, no, I didn't anticipate it. I felt like they would be good. They had good players, but we had good players when we were there as well. They're just better now than we were in this year will show me that what I just said is true. They're better now than we were because I believe this year, they'll have a really good year as compared to when we went to the playoffs and like, oh, we're going to come back and be good next year. We're all young and we weren't. I think it's an interesting part to it is that if you go back to the start of last year, there were questions about the coaching staff. Remember they'd only been there. He was going to get fired. Correct. Going to get fired, and now he's the defending AFC champion coach. But now it becomes on some other, on some level, maybe more difficult, right? It's hard to make that climb, but even harder to sustain. One because you have a more difficult schedule. But two, because everybody, people are up for when the Bengals come to town, which is the opposite of how it was for a good portion of time there. I mean, you go back two and a half years ago. That was the worst defense in the history of the NFL to two and a half seasons ago. The worst. So to go from there to now everyone's not just taking you seriously, but they got you circled on the calendar. It is going to be interesting because Pittsburgh, you're working through what's their quarterback going to be. Baltimore, Lamar is going to be there going to be their quarterback, but they're coming off a little bit of a disappointing year. We'll see what they are. And then you got Cleveland.

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