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Ch- yeah all right. Well we will keep it. Keep it for yield munitions call now not your now. Honorary brucke remember off of being a member of the show or guests on the show so horns. Please clap something. It is official official said once. She has the festival where we can dress up. That we're going to be guest. Were gonna get we'll get ready. Absolute will Six months notice on the six months notice. You know about love nitro. I need to be there for nitro festival. Dress up dress up. sorry. I didn't. I didn't have but i'm here for the beer. Were people dressed up so if you don't most people are kind of in slacks or something. Nice it's it's a beer festival. it's totally different experience. We have like acrobats. Fire shows leg and bill rammell pictures after this all seventy five percent. That's a lot of people you are the oddball avalon. Happy anniversary bevan. But we'll go signal. When i when i when i wasn't denver. It is literally like liquor stores and churches for breweries like it's breweries everywhere like a rundown sidewalk. Nobody knows is all vacant. And there's a brewery in the middle and there's no other buildings is everywhere. How how do you guys compete like. I'm never i know. I heard asheville. North carolina has a lot of breweries per capita. Like this. but like you guys have been around. Your guys are one of the first breweries in the area. How do you guys. Even 'cause. I know you guys are nationwide now. No bear so people people in them carse because they override. That's not a winning the upgraded navigation package. 'cause i'm going along the longmont you tell them you're going along monday already upgraded its mission. All-terrain all will drive heated heated seats. I think part of it to do with our history. We're one of the oldest in colorado and the oldest properties in colorado. I think business brings business. You came out here. Probably on vacation and more people are out more grease around us make her fans better bring more tourism And i think.

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