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Gave pinson added. Max strouss in here. But honestly i consider max druce more of a small forward but he can certainly play shooting guard. So i guess we'll atom here for that list but in terms of point guards. You really only have gave. Vincent isn't even a true point. He he's more of a. You know a defensive point defensive-minded guard who could choose like three d. guard. But you know that. Three point shot has been inconsistent. And i'd like what. I saw from game vincent last year in terms of his defensive potential like he is a dog on that side of the ball. And you know womb will make a lot of different players work in the nba. Like he's not a perfect defender but he's a hard worker he can move his feet very quick And and just gets in the right positions at the right time now in terms of help defense positional defense. He lacks a little bit in those departments. But when you're talking one on one you want him to lock someone down. He can certainly do that now. In my opinion it's gonna all come down to three point shooting with pretty much every single person on this. Ross on this guards list if you can hit the three point shot you're going to be valuable to this team because you need to. The floor needs to be spaced. In order for jimmy butler and bama bio to do their work. That is the only way this is gonna work. And i'm not concerned with hero or robinson and not even lower because i feel like the last thing that would go for him his jump shot and for him to shoot almost forty percent from the three point line on just over seven attempts a game and he's been suiting over seven attempts to game for the past six seasons. So you know he likes to shoot them any makes them with free good efficiency and other the two years before that were in the thirty five percent range. We certainly don't want to see that if we can get the way he was doing it to three years before that which was thirty nine pretty much forty forty one and then thirty nine. That's what we would love to see. You know seven plus. Three's a game at about a forty percent clip. That would be incredible. From kyle lowry and i expect it to happen because you have a lot. More guys are going to draw attention away from him which will allow them to get more looks. And you know the way that spoelstra likes uses point guards. I feel like you'll be able to do a lot of creative things with lowering. Get him a lot of open. Looks and let them plane space. And i i just feel. It's a great fit it just everything the kyle lowry is about just screams miami culture and i feel me and that's going to work out so now talking about huron robinson. I'm really not worried about their three point shooting now. Of course the other parts of their game that needs to be addressed. There were times last season. When he wro- robinson none and drug would cycle through being considered the heat's warts defensive players. You know doug robinson got a bit better towards the end of last season which gives me a little bit of hope that you know especially with his size. His length and strength he'll be able to at least be average on that defensive end and you know of course you put that together with his three point shooting. He is an extremely valuable player. There's a reason he was paid five years. ninety million. i mean this guy is one of the best three point shooters in the nba. So you're going to be expecting you know ten three pointers a game. At north of forty percent anything less than that and it's considered a disappointment from duncan robinson. I mean that's kind of expectations. He put himself because of how good he played over. The last two seasons. I know last year was a bit of an inconsistent year for him but he's still shot over forty percent that is still very solid. But that's the kind of three point. Shooter duncan robinson has pretty much shown to be a guy who can just absolutely shoot lights out yet a historic catch and shoot season two years ago when he shot over forty five percent from three point land overall and it was some crazy clip like forty seven percent or forty six percent on catch and shoot triples which is the best in. nba history. In front of the splash brothers. So you know. He's an incredible three point shooter. And that's going to be as best value to the team now when you talk about tyler hero. He comes into a season now. Where obviously last year compared to his rookie season. It was not the same yes. Technically his numbers looked better. He went from averaging thirteen and a half points a game to fifteen on better field. Goal percentage worse three point percentage but there was something about just the way he was going about it in just just the way it looked. It just didn't feel the same as rookie. Tyler hero like. He had a slump in his sophomore season. And of course you have to attribute that to to injuries that he was dealing with the shortest off-season or second-shortest offseason in nba. History has a lot to do with it. But you know of course you want to see improvement. And he's certainly did. Have you know parts of his game where he improved like getting to the basket. I felt like he was able to do that a bit. More this season. You know he's a little more comfortable with the nba defenses. And he's able to get to the line a little bit more but overall you need to see that confidence from him again and now that he gets put into a role this season where he is clearly the sixth man. And i'll talk more about lineups in that third segment. But you know this. This season is really shaped up to be. You know tyler. Heroes breakout season. I i know you did that in the playoffs. And the bubble you know in twenty twenty but this was. This is really the year that you've got to expect how the hero to really break out. He's officially the sixth man. There's nobody in his way he's the guy that's gonna be coming off the bench. Probably i every single game and expected to play with the starters and get buckets like the and i feel like i hear this all the time that his role has been simplified. He knows what he needs to do now to come off the bench and just be you know an instant spark plug microwave and into score points for them you know. He's been working on the off season so an end the reports. I've heard have been very encouraging for tyler hero. So i'm excited to see what we get from him in his third year the league i have not lost hope in him. I'm sure he's going to be a very solid player in his career but we do need to see a bit more and to me though one reason why he struggled just a bit is because of course confidence.

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