TEO, GPS, Mass Transit discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Smoke teo can you do oatmeal yes other easy they say duly note male put some walnuts in the oatmeal cibluding berries in the mail gay you'll notice the effects they say today wow some of you of already blown off breakfast now you're on your commute so what are you doing the commute well if you're not driving do just like in the passenger seat or maybe maybe you're taking it hoover and near the backseat or maybe you're on one of those big you know silicon valley buses nato in the rideshare they say play some games little sedukh o crossword puzzle something like that keep the brain working gave the bray work at now if you're driving here's what they say might help get off the gps shibam drive with dr with your own memory as stimulates the parade others say even better walk to work if you're able to serve maybe take mass transit do a nice little walk case it gets the brain of pump then get lunchtime lunchtime you're already at work of your said i i this lunch i'm already at work but can be it's over lunch i'll see lunch it's just around the corner they're saying eat a crunchy lunch a crunchy lunch they're talking carrots celery green peppers basically a nice little salad it's going to be good for you okay the other thing they say at lunch so it senator amber to go get a whole guineans have chips in a coke gonna try and get killed little salad it'll really do your good right there right now there are also saying i take a stroll outside cut grab a coffee walk around the block do something like that okay next mid afternoon snack then afternoon snack what i think mid after do snack i'm thinking let's go to star chuck's cell get i'll get a double espresso at an ice cookie hey gulf get maybe maybe get a stone but there said now don't do that don't do that they're saying you know keep the brain well hydrated steeg drink drink some water maybe a little t tease good for you okay but does you don't get the cake pops don't don't do too much ever go to a further though temperature in the evening be entertained but not by the tv again hey second time in one hour where were used the word boob they used to call it the.

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