Rakai, Syria, Donald Trump discussed on BBC Newshour


Syrian democratic forces is shared with turkey we have continued to do that since may and we will maintain our operational security widow don't comment on specifics of those death support that we provides tour bob partner forces let's just move at full at just a month at beyond may act in june the former us ambassador to syria robert forward had this to say to us let's see what he said i think in the end the americans will abandon the syrian kurds after the islamic state is booted out of its capital in rakai and some of the remaining towns that it holds in the eastern syria are we had statements from president trump and the defense secretary mr mattis within the past week suggesting that to washington is moving away from arming the kurds sir robert ford was right was ninety paul taser williams who have been very open and transparent with our turkish allies but we would also made sure that uh we had support to our syrian democratic forces for the threats that they would face in defeating dash in syria though if they were successful in liberating raka and they continued to be successful as a push down into the middle euphrates for bali to eliminate vinyl isis threats or dash threats there as well so if at the three and government and the kurdish forces on the ground have avoided open confrontation but the government has explicitly said that it went tolerate a syrian kurdish autonomous zone if the syrian government decides to take on the kurds there will you help to defend them while i certainly don't want to speculate anything that has now what happened boat what we have been able to do support our stf bar syrian democratic course partners which are made up of arabs and kurds and other elements a who are also syrian and we have in the past would we did not necessarily you want to deserve a fight is not against syria we have defended our partners we did the may and we did it in june as well uh when we had to shoot down drones in an aircraft that were posing a threat to our partners and allied forces on the ground smarter baguley but now we have been very supportive our partners in the defeat against dash and we've been able to deconflict these measures with the russians throughout and not have.

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