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To other retailers to match Amazon's employee benefits and fifteen dollar minimum wage or to even go beyond it target and WalMart have increased started wages for workers with target planning to raise them to fifteen dollars an hour by the end of the year. Also in his annual letter bazo mentioned Amazon's fire phone, and how it was a failure. But that it's echo, and Alexa, smart speakers have been tremendously successful Amazon turned out profits last year that exceeded ten billion dollars more than tripling net income from the previous year Miley Cyrus has gone through a few image changes over the years. But for those who loved her back in the Hannah Montana days. There's now a chance to grab some memorabilia from the show. Costumes props and Toro Adams from the Disney channel's Hannah Montana TV series are going up for auction. The teams that come featured Cyrus who portrayed schoolgirl Miley Stewart by day international. Pop star Hannah Montana by night, if helped launch Cyrus his career and the franchise included albums films of the concerts. I let's include items from Cyrus best of both worlds tour such as a black set and jacket pink tank top and customized high top sneakers. There are also a bunch of costumes. She wore on the show, which ran from two thousand six to twenty eleven Julien's auctioned said all proceeds will benefit the wild reminds charity which aids the world's at risk animals, the auction happens online and at New York's Hard Rock Cafe on may eighteenth. Hillary Clinton on the arrest of Julian Assange, I'm Jacky Quin within a p news minute. The two thousand sixteen democratic presidential candidate who's emails were made public by. Wikileaks says Julian Assange needs to answer for what he's done a son was arrested today in London, but it could take months for extradition to the US. President Trump had mentioned WikiLeaks dozens of times during the campaign, but today nothing really about not my not my deal in life. It's knowing the Dakotas two feet making driving impossible even for this. Trucker who stopped in Sioux Falls, knowing when brine, it's quite an experience. He spoke to K S F Y TV. The storm heads toward the Great Lakes..

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