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So good i had to get it worked up all right. You're going to say something gets out there now. While the totally threw me he was talking about surrendering the so. That's kind of where my ray was going to like. Amy said like you know what if all the sudden it like. Yeah i am in charge so all you. can you know. just just deal with it. He didn't do that though. So i think that's very honorable and i think the book is gonna be able to like see that it's not like he just decided you know what sex to be right now like i'm in charge now but at the same time we've talked about. She is kind of the rightful person to have it and she's going to have an issue like hey you're a frigging foundling like who said you could. We'll die. i feel like. I definitely think she's going to try to get over it. But she's going to do you think that they're setting up. I'm not talking about like tension between boca raton and mando talking about all out her obsession with becoming the mandalorian taking rulership over her people. Getting that dark saber. Back under her control is going to create significant conflict. Even can we say civil. She's gonna look at mando and say you're young ling family. Whatever they are young's or the dead ones in the temple is okay. It's always accept grogan. He got out with our to. Do you think it was our at our to grow. Know each other. And i didn't know each other because he was all like holding onto mando's leg and then heard are to and like rain over to wait. It's in our to lake in like look down at it and it's like wait heath alive. It seemed like they had recognize each other. Do you think that we're going to see a children of the watch. Mando led faction at war with a bo katan pure blood mandalorian faction for the control of the dark sabre and mandala. Well i think for that man does got to change his mind. Be like oh wait. No i want this now leading. I don't think he's gonna do that. I think he's going to stay the way he he is. I think they're going to find some loophole and give it to. Maybe maybe we'll end up. Happening is instead of them going. Winning and combat say she ends up somehow saving. A man does life and intern. Manno gives her the sabre as like you save a life debt. Sort of thing. I think that could be a bit of a loophole. That could work without them. Having to be a comedy season rake he's trying to get.

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