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And more She argued delivering for Americans is worth all the painful sausage making Lawmakers gave approval to the $1.2 trillion measure during a late Friday night vote That final vote was two 28 to two O 6 About a dozen states are suing the Biden administration to block its new COVID-19 vaccine mandate Lisa Taylor reports Under the federal guidelines workers must be vaccinated or get tested weekly Companies with at least 100 employees have until January 4th to comply attorneys general and Nebraska Missouri Alaska Arizona Arkansas Montana New Hampshire North Dakota South Dakota and Wyoming are part of the effort I'm Lisa Taylor First Lady Joe Biden will start pushing parents to get their young kids vaccinated Her office describes it as a national effort after final approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 The First Lady will kick off a campaign Monday at a school in McLean Virginia A candidate in the Texas governor's race is speaking out after a heated exchange over face masks charity mccurdy has more Republican candidate for governor Allen west is responded to questions about an altercation where he pulled a mask off a person that he says yelled at him at DFW airport You need to respect me as an individual in my decisions And do not verbally a cost me or assault me and call me out of names First of all you need to know that I have the right to make the decisions about my body He says the man called him an idiot for not wearing a mask as required by federal regulation inside an airport's west says in his words he flicked the man's mask off and mocked the man for wearing one West was hospitalized with COVID last month I'm charity mccurdy Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was eulogized during a memorial service at the Washington national cathedral Friday COVID recently claimed pal's life at the age of 84 I'm Brad Siegel Actor Duane Johnson says he'll no longer use real guns on set following the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins on the set of rust in Santa Fe New Mexico Michael castner reports Hollywood star told variety he couldn't speak for anyone else but any projects moving forward with his production company 7 bucks production will be using rubber guns He adds he will enforce this with any studio as company works with as well Johnson isn't the only one in Hollywood calling for changes to firearms on set The ABC show The Rookie is also banned all gunfire on set and a petition to ban functional firearms on productions has already been signed by dozens of cinematographers actor and producer Alec Baldwin fatally shot Hutchins while rehearsing a scene with what he was told was an unloaded gun a Michael castner It looks like some immigrant families separated The border could indeed get a cash settlement President Biden says reports of payments up to $450,000 were untrue The White House then clarified that he was only referring to the price tag adding that's more than the government could agree to Researchers say a 300 million year old fossil found in a national park in Utah could be the first of its kind Matt mattson has more The fossil skeletons species or classification have yet to be determined However the fossil found in canyonlands national park is said to be a tetrapod or an animal with four legs It's believed to be an early ancestor of reptiles or mammals the exact age of the skeleton is not yet known but paleontologists say it's likely between 295 to 305 million years old I'm Matt Matson The NBA is investigating claims of racism and sexism by the owner of the Phoenix Suns the leak said the allegations against Robert sarver are extremely serious ESPN released a report claiming that sarver used racially insensitive language including the N word several times and also made lewd and misogynistic comments to son's employees Sarver has denied the accusations I'm Brad Siegel Now this Bloomberg sports update press training nights in the west for both the rangers and the doubles as they both suffer over time losses Alexa follows unassisted goal 42 seconds into the overtime session gives the kings a three to two win over New Jersey Pavel zaka on the Devils of time the game with 24 seconds left to go in regulation The devil's see their record fall to four four and one while the king's even their record at 5 5 and one The rangers lose to Edmonton 6 to 5 and overtime Connor McDavid scored the Italian goal at 1701 of the third period and then Leon dry Seidel's tenth goal of the season in the overtime session allows the oilers to come away with the wind Evans and now 9 and one the rangers fall to 6 three and two Micah's advantage ad had two golds in the game one on the power play In the NBA the nets when their fourth in a row defeating Detroit 96 to 90 but that's now 6 and three The pistons one and 8 Kevin Durant let old scorers 29 points pull down ten rebounds James Harden the triple double 13 points ten rebounds and ten assists Lamarcus Aldridge had 16 points off the bench Blake Griffin contributed 13 but that's next game On Sunday afternoon at Toronto the next break of two game losing streak they come from behind and defeat Milwaukee on the road one 13 to 98 the nooks at one point were down by 21 The next now 6 and three the defending NBA champion bucks fall to four and 5 Julius Randle led the next for 32 and also pulled down 12 rebounds Derrick Rose came off the bench to score 23 It's no drilling football on Bloomberg 11 three O the finding Irish host nati pregame coverage of two third in the San Bernardino kick off at three 30 It seems issues with the rapid COVID test led to a number of false positives this week at the New York Giants team facility lab testing was used after 13 players and personnel originally tested positive Only running back coach Burton burns retested has positive case The NFL and bio reference laboratories now working to identify what went wrong with a Bloomberg sports update I'm Tom Rogers This is masters in business with Barry 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