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Heard also them. Mls good situation for him. So we'll see where he writes. He's bringing a lot Let's take a look at his resume achieve during his career. Stevie liverpool manchester city. Thanks i do believe we have Cannot take coming fries from lake. So they'll do fine of you know. I never said i was just telling you. What do you mean guy joachim as a player as a player yes. I think he's a good player player. So you would like to know why because he's not great player anymore. There's only there's only one reason why real madrid letting him go because you don't want them because what is an ex marine. The expiry day on the contract not really wanted only go. Don't whatever mom would just have the year. Oh yeah that'd be fight. This don't want them. Let's be honest. Manchester united yan. Of course tom with cavani words well could we see something maybe similar with circe rambles. I think that could be so geography hilbert chelsea as well. I mean that's kind of Of deal is possible. I think that saddam was to play with someone next to him. That is quick. I think that is important. Although i'm not saying is very very slow flavor veron is something else play mcguire so i think that you can be struggling mashes united but but need to do something and i think he he will. He will get a club. I'm not worried for surge. Rama's on stephen nickell. Why don't you just be honest. you don't want him because it took outside. That's talking about didn't like him. Before that i mean what memphis the pies officially a alone playa. They've got a lot of attacking options. Now messy agreement to pi. Dan valley wait. Could even join a fancy back of course from injury. Katina cow as well is wrong. Cou i'm gonna fit all of these into the sides no sued. They are a lot of a lot of. I think some players when they get ready continue and they're going to be part of this team but i'm sure that they're not ready to try to get some money from those players. There is no way that all of them can play a front or even midfield. I team it can play also me feel us to gino donna. After you times that there is no way to mention as well the days law go petition. They have to play. They have to try every single competition as all the top teams. So you're gonna need players but when mris the team and you know there's monopoly play every single play ya. You only have two or three places for a nine players. So i'm sure we'll see some players leaving muscle on albertson. I'm not sure exactly. The amount of money they wanted for those players. Going out liners financials once again proving extrordinary the end we've seen in recent years how great ascending struggled and and because they've overpaid for players like debbie elliott. Who by the way on. He has one year left on his contract. So if you don't extend him he could easy to leave on a free so you won't even make anything out of the one hundred and fifty million that you spend on him from boorda dortmund's three years ago so it's tricky and into context as we've been saying all season the transfer window but we knew be very very different to anything we've seen before so you can't even expect to get a lot of money for those players and i'm not even if you're going to get any tour for some of those players that good luck with continue with with others are on these squad and not need it anymore. Because we've been saying offensively. They are far too. Many players for the amount of positions in the to gills. Is memphis the pie. A good addition greats edition. How would you describe him going to selena and after his stints in league on your own. Of course this is a big step. He knows we're not kuban. so went from. The national team knows his assistant from the throne team as well. They have a lot of faith in the issue. Of course he's a great player technically. He's he's personally. I think he's great but he's the same profile as messy plays in the same way semi grysman as well. They are like so f- folks number nine seconds strikers. There's no way you can pay them all together. A it's really crazy so memphis can play. Why did that before with ways best. So i'm really. I'm really excited to see what kind of boss or not for nine. We will have next season. That could be love rotation has to play. I mean you signed him to play him and messy together so he would have to be somewhere so he's going to be. I think it could be a big headache for kumon has one just completely switching gears. Lewis's you on. I wanted to ask you about rafael benitez. And of course those rumors that he could be going to everton as only played for liverpool and played under benitez. Would you make of that possibility. I don't is even long ago. The evertonian issue is wasn't on the table. We was ready for a good chance to opportunity something that he likes. He enjoy and bill something important about their well. I'm not sure he's everton as happy. I'm sure that liepa supporters are not going to be happy but he's a professional. He's being a new. Gus being also jesse that you not the relationship between chelsea and hayme loads on my goal was the best one so i got. I don't see it happening. Well he's the on the table so we'll see what's going to happen. Remorse our with her new. He's thank you very much. Thank you very much course today with all the latest news not only the.

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