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Ring that's one eight seven seven six seven two seven four six four. Now as I promised before the break, we're gonna move to fair hope Alabama and speak with Bob. Good morning. Bob. Hi, bob. Okay. Good morning. This is a Christmas. Present tech question. I'm giving my wife new ipad pro for Christmas. But she's gonna wanna have all of the news. That's currently on a laptop on that. I had home. I going to do that. Well, you would just take it and hook it up to high tunes after you get it. You just want to make sure that you get one with enough capacity to store all of her music. She tried to store all of her music. She has an extensive collection. Yeah. It's it's pretty extensive. But I've got the maximum amount of storage. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. All you gotta do is hook it up to her computer. If she's already got all music setup. I tunes then it will synchronize when you tell it to actually. Okay. I don't want to synchronize everything. I just want to synchronize. I because she's got other stuff that you know, whatever whatever she has in. I tunes will pass over to the ipad. I and I do mean whatever she's got an eye tune. So if she has stuff that's not an IT that she wants to put it in tuned to get it to transfer to the ipad. Okay. But if I can I selectively transferred just the I tunes component of what's on the the rest of the laptop. As I said is you have to import the songs into I tunes. They they should be in her music library. Whatever is in her music library is going to synchronize with the ipad. But you can't select and check this out. Okay. I don't want this. But I do want this. I do that a lot of change in my music out. Just once you make I tunes aware of where your repository of music is at you can actually be selective inside of there or say if it was videos or other items like that. But I just I kind of key in and telling it what to sink. All right. Thank you. Bob. Hopefully on I'm sure your wife is gonna love her Kristen's. President wasn't listening. What we hope she was listening. But but we don't that's that's a catch twenty. We're going to move to Oxford as I last caller for the day.

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