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Record the songs you know my piano and voice and singing and go to and try to sell some. Sammy was you know he would tell people that we wrote. All the hits for fats domino so we get into the off offices so so But then you know he he. He was a teacher a public school teacher in high school. But he always you know he still did comedy work and we see he could do the thirty one Russian composers thirty seconds so I came up with this idea. Called the rockabilly scoops each and we recorded it with some singing and oldest oldest black. Who was a guy new And I were friendly and I had an produce it and okay records sport it and it it. It really Pushed Sandy to get a manager and his career took off from there. You know so and you know and I had a little falling out with him and then I got drafted. So I'm in the army and by meter sergeant or a name. Is Louis Quinton Junior? Who became a friend and and you know. I used to play cloudy. Service CLUBS. Are you playing the piano and I play a couple of songs written and I'm leaving out that in in In College I wrote a song on and that was eventually refer either became four writers on it but it was eventually recorded by Vic Damone and it was the B side of on the street where you live in extension number one in Chicago so so I had you know I have one one record that had been on the charts. Well I was in high while I was in college and but then I didn't have another another record for four years of my Song. So you know. Run around trying to sell songs and everything. Now I mean the army and I'm writing with the sergeant and we wrote some country songs together. 'cause he bookies country works so he we wrote a song called us the seat of love and we made a little demo. This demo cost US ten dollars. The studio cost you Freddie neal went onto right everybody's Talkin sang it. And my buddy and guy who I wrote songs within got to couple erected record deals Rusty Evans. Real name Marcus. Rescue play the guitar and I played the piano. And you know the studio was three dollars. So you know and we went around to publishers and try to sell song and we couldn't sell it to we came to coed records and George Paxton. Who was the head of Code Records in the Publishing Company? He bought the song so and gave us an advance of twenty five dollars. So I'm still in the army and And then was George Paxton. He wanted to sign Lewis in I to You.

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