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Was there the good news is that it was recessive to the time that mitt romney orion john not fanning those flames engaging in that kind of demagoguery but it was there was building up the second term president obama. I think turns out. In retrospect i hadn't quite seen it at the time. Gotta say people really want a little off the deep end and that of course trump in twenty six at all came together. I personally don't believe that unless you come to grips with trump especially the big live at the election but in general the demagogry the mean-spiritedness database of unless people say no to that doesn't mean they have to grovel at apologized for weeks on end doesn't mean the after even say they were wrong necessarily to vote for him once or twice they can rationalize that with some of the things they think that happened. There were okay. They need to come to grips with with what happened. Was recent republican president. Trump wasn't just like another random set largely jalen greens senator Member of congress or random governor somewhere. There's a little embarrassing. He was the republican president united states supported by the republican party at the national level in a very strong and almost uniform way. Well he didn't start that way back in two thousand fifteen. He was the laughing stock of the republican party. One can write a scenario trump. Lindsay wins denomination. Sort of fluky twenty. Sixteen you know love divided field the a couple of issues a beats hillary clinton the general election. Because she's not such a strong candidate want change and so forth against lucky intellectual college. The russians helping you can write a scenario where the republicans who control both senate and house standing up to trump. They refused to go along with certain things he wants to do. They make clear that he's president. Obviously they respect that but they are gonna make up their own minds about issues and you can write a scenario where members of his cabinet really stand up to him and not just a few of them in those few. Don't just pushed aside. And where the republican electron course doesn't seem to have an insatiable appetite for trump's demagoguery. But that's not the scenario that happened in history for me. Enabling of trump by the republican party is almost as important destruct themselves you could have had trump was kind of a one term sort of presidents sort of a fluke sort of embarrassing frankly to damage. But you know kind of like Unfair probably jesse ventura or something has governor of minnesota schwarzenegger. I think it's unfair to shore snake series. I you know. Scharzenegger gives fun term. One after governor. You know life goes on afterwards. You could have imagined that with job. But that would have required republicans on the hill not to sort of go down the path of emulating in and enabling him and imitating him and once that starts to happen. What's the whole party became. Trump's party that everything got deeper. Everything sunk deeper. The damage was more serious for people who haven't been deeply involved in politics but even for those who have how did it progress. That trump ran is an outside candidate with no real support from the rnc. Then he gets the party nomination at which point you begin to work with aaron c. Was very much a big fundraiser. But how did it go from this outside candidate to him. Really taking over the republican party. Does that happen. What were the steps. That sort of got the party there. Trump is clever..

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