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Ap radio news i read a fall lay the white house has a new plan to prevent school shootings administration officials described the planned last night in a call with reporters it backs off president trump's support for increasing the minimum age for buying assault weapons to 21 instead anew federal commission will examine the ag issue is part of a wider package the president also also think some teachers should be armed and wants to improve the background check and mental health systems tomorrow the president visits california jackie quinn reports his overnight visit will include a stop in san diego to inspect eight simple designs for the border wall that he's pledged to build president trump just blasted the golden state on immigration saying it's quote sheltering dangerous criminals in a brazen and lawless attack on our constitutional system of government his justice department is suing but california's also included in various lawsuits against the trump administration many over immigration policy the president is also planning to raise some cash and beverly hills with a fundraiser jackie quinn washington i helicopter crashed into new york city's east river last night killing all five passengers on board the pilot managed to survive ap correspondent matt small reports authorties sea rescue crews got to the scene quickly but getting the passengers out was difficult police say the submerged aircraft was towed woman hatton marina the federal aviation administration says it was eurocopter a s 350 owned by liberty helicopters the company offers price charter flights and sightseeing tours as southwest airlines flight from phoenix.

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