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We'll talk a little bit about that at seven AM and then the astoundingly boring debate last night with a democratic debate a couple of nice little jabs with each other but nah and nothing really nothing all right back we go more handle on the news Jennifer Wayne and me are at a British actress claims that she was attacked by a lift driver set up and there's a video of this and she got pretty beat up in it but these all apparently started because she was playing music in the backseat of a car owner phone really loud and the lift driver says Hey turn that down and she says you know no I won't he says our animal three out of the car if you won't turn the music down and she says all call the cops if you do that well he didn't care about that pulls are out of the car and it beats rap beats are out yeah and there's video right and there's the him on now left drivers as left and uber have hi and how do you defend against hunting one or two either crazy people or people have fallen through the cracks when you have hundreds of thousands of drivers by the way I'm not arguing that too lift ruber should be responsible and that there's no question but is anybody surprised that this happens I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often right speaking of uber uber issued a report that shows government requests for writer information have gone up significantly.

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