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Now you heard jim white that talk about dovid louise and has not yet dumb from chelsea to also also bats because there is a little bit of leeway on transfer window deadline day. This is what's called a deal sheet. If a club has an agreement with another club late in the window they can submit this sheet to the premier league which buys them some time to submit that necessary paperwork. The dill sheet has to arrive fully completed by now before the trumpster window closes at noon eastern so once the sheet arrived at the premier league clubs then got until two p._m. To submit the full paperwork which is why we're on for another two hours because we should get a few trickles from some other deals that have been done and making it in the next couple of hours. Now we're going to focus on chelsea football as we continue our roundup of all the premier league clubs in order. They finished last season. <hes> of course they have a transfer ban so they can't bring anybody in christian pulisic did they did bring him in january and he was sent back on loan to bristol dormant when he is now back with them and matteo kovic was there alone he's became a permanent <hes> fifty one million dollars from real madrid. Tom's all loan players returning. We know chelsea do send a lot out. He has brought more for a lot of them. Backers frank lampard including lights and makes him out to did so well forefront lamport halt when he was w manager last season christian pulisic. I mentioned back for dortmund and tammy abraham who does it every season. It seems in the championship county do it as number nine for chelsea this season tommy abraham back from loan as well so i bought we're of course on holidays when he was made the chelsea head coach on july the fourth thirteen thirteen seasons with the blues between one and fourteen top scorer in the history of the clock as a midfielder. Let's not forget two hundred eleven goals picking up eleven major trophies including the champions league and three premier league titles just the one season though of managerial experience and that was last year with darby county to the big question is how will they do. It's already at his made. A decision about dovid louise doesn't want him at the club played with them which is interesting but he looks like he's going to ask now. Lashing devon louise will get done. You think in the next two two hours yes i think it will find powder's made it very very clear to louise apply that you said rebecca did they shared together when they were both players at stanford bridge when they were both at chelsea was football as franklin powder mike and his little bit friction. I think behind the scenes who really runs his club. Who's your powerful figure. Who's running the show behind the scenes in that dresser. Dan lewis very very powerful very very influential figure of the nas few years and of course one of the big flavors of run around with each but franklin paul is also. If i read that cobb the hero the returning hero he's making his mulcair louise not quite him well closets but he can make mistakes on the pitch all of a sudden three seconds later ball all in the back of the net. He's been ruthless. This is frank lampard making his mouth. He's in control of chelsea. He's building that same that he wants the frustration. I think though yes that i would them set that with chelsea announcing the savvides didn't train with that club whose definitely chelsea's training ground he tried separately away from the first thing with us these last ever appearance com he's moving to also an also will announce our signing okay soon as we get that announcement from austin we will let you know it's upstairs to all alongside rubiano's who knows chelsea very well of course crabs will grow me play with frank lampard robby. You've played against you coaching budgies with him as well. Didn't you last last year and his licenses actually..

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