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He'll be on me beef and tasteless bother them after read that gone and leave he was on fraud fell i saw the button coast than governments and bunia barrels third on the love of the box and fight we'll call the dog one member of hey have you listen to startalk allstars yet well you need to check it out it's the science podcast where are startalk experts like bill nye the science guy dr charles lu dr emily rice doctrine natalie starkey dr sommer ask dr david grins boom all take the helm of the show and bring their expertise as they talked to other scientists about all the fascinating topics we like to cover here on startalk there are always joined by a comedian sometimes it's even chuck nice he's my second favorite if you're not listening you don't know what you're missing so go ahead and find out catch startalk allstars wherever you listen to your podcast including i tunes podcast google play music soundcloud stitcher and two men or go to start talk radio dot net the man three three heyman we back climbed area riley and this of course is still lay waited cyrus vance yesterday we ought to be martial law and the physics there in and joining us now is a very good friend professor eric gulf professor of physics at lynchburg college virginia author of gold medal physics the science of sports and not just a man with a plan but a man with a book coming out next year that will be 2018 the science behind mugunga which if i'm not mistaken professor is the handtohand martial arts of the israeli military is it no that's right uh the israeli defence forces employ this matt it's becoming a much more popular sport here in the us you're seeing a lot of billboards going up for kromah god's direction these days while what is it a man it's sounds like i got it say if when you talk about the martial arts you've got some cool names out there a k you got your judo iraq your.

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