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Okay we are paying insurance. Yes but they take away. You can just change busy minutes yourself. No he don't own that now. I like to be able. You set the world famous Harlem Rich. He's in the builder. Yeah he air said. You can't change flat is he's you said. Put One of those who was new. June he's one of those people that likes to pay for convenience. That's got insurance for that. We all we know that way to you. Know what. Let me just give you the back story of before we get into the front page of the Harlem Rich. Remember Holum Rich. Bobby Colo you know. City is the fact that I know almost everybody home. Rich is a legendary basketball player. Like I was saying before. He's a street ball from back in the day. Nba Prospect Bobby Cologne. He's tall he's light. Skinned Cindy J. He's a very good luck. J. J. He's a very good. Everybody going over there and see how rich since.

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