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Ports it also provided protection for American sailors who were shipwrecked. And Japanese waters. This treaty heavily favored the United States and its interest. The only thing Japan really got out of it was not being attacked by Peiris worships the Treaty of kind of what didn't open Japan up to commercial trade with the US that was still a few years off. But Perry had presented the emperor with several gifts including working models of several technologies that included a steam locomotive and a Telegraph Perry's arrival in Japan and these models had a huge impact on Nakas work at the institute. His earlier work had mostly been focused on technologies that an individual person might use at home but now he and others started looking at technologies that a whole community might use like a railroad or telegraph system. He became part of the team that built Japan's first working model of a steam locomotive. An eighteen, sixty five, he helped build Japan's first steamship. As we noted earlier, Japan social and economic structure had already been struggling before Perry arrived and attempted reforms had often made the situation worse instead of better. In. Eighteen sixty eight two clans combined forces to stage a coup d'etat which took place on January. Third of that year, they overthrew the Tokugawa Shogun and restored Emperor Meiji who was fourteen at the time to power. Massive. Changes followed to virtually every aspect of Japanese life the feudal system and the Samurai class were abolished as we're the diagnosed personal armies, the nation industrialized very rapidly. Even that Japanese system of timekeeping that we talked about with the myriad year clock was replaced with the Western style twenty, four hour day. Basically, the emperor and his advisors recognized that Japan was under serious threat from Western powers and they believed their best chance at retaining their independence was to make the nation of Japan more compatible with the Western world. This is often described as a process of westernization and modernization but some sources really give a slightly different nuance that Japan as a nation was trying to find a more Western oriented way of being Japanese this set affected Tanaka Houston work as well has noted in a piece from the SACO museum he wanted to accept advanced western technologies and integrate them with Japanese culture in ways useful for society during this time, Tanaka did some work on military technology and eventually he moved back to his home province of Karimi to take over a factory. He kept on inventing things while they're including an artificial ice making machine in eighteen, seventy three when. He. Was Seventy three years old the Department of Industry appointed Tanaka to develop Japan's telegraph system. He moved to Tokyo at the government's request. Do this work two years later on July eleventh eighteen seventy, five he founded takata say`so show or Tanakh Engineering Company Tanaka he says she died in Tokyo on November seventh eighteen eighty one he had continued to create invent and refine until the end of his life his adopted son took over Tanaka Engineering Company which after a series of name changes and mergers became Tokyo should Bora Danke or Toshiba in nineteen thirty, nine today he's a Shiga is seen as one of the founders of Japan's technology industry..

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