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Bills proposed in state legislatures that would limit transgender rights from access to medical care to sports participation. Athletic policies like the ones that we're seeing in the state of Connecticut really undermined nearly 50 years of advances for women. It was literally any black or brown woman. What Trans or not, there is an immense amount of policing of that person's body. Unprotected person in America is the black woman. You will never know what it feels like to be born a certain way and feel another way. We as black women don't always have the language to talk about our privilege. What your principal assists black. Women. Trans women are not your enemy. We are your sister. Welcome to the show. Y'all I am not Kai right? He's on vacation. I am Vera Lynn Williams, the executive producer of the show, And today I am your host, and we're going to cover a story that's really been on the top of our minds within our team. The record number of anti trans legislation being introduced around the country and joining me to unpack what's been happening. And why is Amara Jones, an award winning journalist and created a chance slash media, a journalism and storytelling project that is trying to counter the hostility we've been seeing against trans people in the U. S. Hey, Mara. Hey, How are you? I am Well, um so let's go back to 2016, right? Um Donald Trump is elected. What was going on in your life at that time? I mean, there was so much going on at that moment There was a lot of turbulence going on in my life. Uh, I was in the middle of a newest relationship, and then you know I was. I was moving through by gender identity even more so during that time, so there's tons of Of turbulence. Starting predicted Donald Trump victory. They had not been doing that. Um And then all of that collided with this election. A story that no one saw. We must accept this result. This was an earthquake. Unlike any earthquake. You said you were moving through your gender identity. You are transitioning in 2016. Yeah, yeah. Still, I mean, still transitioning. I think it's the way that I would say it was transitioning is a process right? And, um That election put everything in stark relief. I think it I think one of the things that that time did is that it made people choose. And one of the things you chose to do. That's what actually led you to start. Trans last media. That's right, you know. So how are those two things connected? Like? What was it about the Trump administration? That, you know, and even the name Trans last back last chance last, you know, that's right. And I came up with that by myself. Trans last transgender backlash. I did I put them together. I'm very proud of being proud to fight branding ability. Um So one of the things that became clear by 2017 going 2018 in particular was that Trump administration was going out of its way to target trans people in a series of morning tweets President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will bar transgender individuals from serving in the U. S military, Trump wrote. The military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. And it just seems strange to Have your military not only say that new trans people can't Come in. But to overrule your entire military and defense establishment and say no. We want to run in McCarthy type of operation and go into the military and find out who's trans and throw them out. Mm, like that's a lot of effort. That's not I'm just checking the box and that was happening across the board. Trump administration has rescinded key protections for transgender students in public schools. Late yesterday, the Trump Administration completed it changed the affordable Care act, rolling back a policy that protected transgender patients from discrimination. And so it became clear that this administration was going out of its way to pick on. Group of people that's 1.5% of the entire population like timey. Our community is tiny and not only was all of this policy action happening, but the more we got into the Trump administration, the more and more violence we saw against trans people. The human rights campaign tracked at least 26 deaths. Two fatal violence. The majority of victims were black, transgender women. So for me, it was like this policy violence as I call it. Is also linked and as the backdrop against which the physical violence is taking place and that when you look at the murders of black I've trans people overall but specifically a black trans women. So many of those murders are ones in which the people who commit them don't believe that they've done anything wrong. Like they'll either. First of all, the murders are brutal, but they were like, call the police themselves or wait for the police to come and be like, Yeah, I did it and calmly walk away. And it's because we're living in a society in which they felt that this was increasingly permitted. And those two things together, made me realize that We had to have a media project that focus on this issue and at the same time tried to combat this violence by putting forth um positive stories of trans people are actually just actual stories and you have to be positive but actual stories of the lives of trans people to combat Um, everything negative. That was happening. Mm. And you started by putting the camera on yourself. Okay. So uncomfortable. Hey, Dre, copy and which are opera itself. We want to be able to control our bodies. Put.

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