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A minute. Dream come true. On their twice. I don't know. No, this is a different kind of wait a minute. Darnall say twice how. Well, peak at you is actually part of the Pokemon universe. Shoe and. Nothing. He he thinks he's a real detective. And he's never far from hot Cup of coffee is a big talker. And he says I am the best of the best when it comes to be an executive very bossy very stern. He's like a middle age, man. Now. Sure like Ryan Reynolds saying. That's the same one twice. Well, Zanny surprise have an extra Cup of coffee. These we could use them delivered to us right now. Actually, I replied. Yeah. Okay. Tear redraft her shirk NATO lawsuits shooting somebody for entered million. It doesn't explain if you gain star Sheen's plane why she dropped it. Yeah. Well, the cast in the next one. Well, here's the deal. She's dropping off claims dismissing her entire lawsuit. It's dismissed by her so sheeting cues her like, this is being there shark NATO machines in Vegas and Reno and places like that. And she's not getting paid right? And she was her contract said that her face in shirk NATO could not be used for promotional material if it was really did tobacco gambling, hygiene or sexual products. So she drop it. I think they wrote her a chance. Fat check forgot to get permission. And even though she said gambling. She is the face of shirk NATO he in and I probably had in his thing going and use my face for hygiene sexual. Exactly. Okay. And then how about did you? See Elizabeth homes showed up in the had the cameras everybody ABC. Cases starting isn't it? That's very cheap here. A federal court house for hearing little to shovel. She always deliberate. Donnie, she she looked. He used you say ever hair back in a bun. She looked shoveled. But but today, she was just dressed very very casual with a clip her hair. Click. She just I think that was all delivered. She's living with the billionaire. She is claiming she is worth zero. It doesn't matter. She did something wrong. I know. But I mean, she probably bought her -partment for cash in San Francisco probably bought land. I mean, he's they can't take it back until she's guilty. Got it in the Grand Cayman and Swiss Bank account, we need you know, what I mean? I'm crews to go back in the case from the firm member. What's going back, the games or McKenna county, the pelican brief? That's right. We city on ponder. But lori. She's there tiling her wire fraud. That's what they're trying to get around. This is what the feds always have to do the way fraud is the way to go well and commuters conspiracy to commit fry. But when you he faked all this stuff to get, you know, investors, I know Laurie. No, he duped, a lot of people do delay to people. And anyway, she I don't think you have to feel sorry for because she excuse me. Yeah. I can't think of one. Does very fine. Does do think people feel sorry for Lori Loughlin? She and her having why kill sorry that. She's so was so dumb. Yeah. I really do. Because boy, dumb and dumber. Moral immoral. Yep. No, thanks. No. None in. I think it's just really weird so dumb even poor old, Bob, saggy. He goes, I don't even know what to say about it. Because he's you know median he's I think that this would be a hard thing for some of your friends to like have a. You know, I think he give good answer. What is answer was just don't know. What I don't know. What to say about it? Leave it at that. Okay. Listen when we come back severe garish designed the perfect summer collection for WalMart. Nothing is over thirty eight dollars. Double their lorry to go into the star. She's never been in before. I'm not going there. Someone else could do. Double dare you going in there? Field trip to I never been in. I have to you have been and I've been to the one Miller hill mall and a couple of times at the one on university. They still you can still find some interesting things on the flower blush sticks. Drew Mary more makes my chubby cheap sticks cheeks ticks because it's exclusively sold at WalMart. And that's why when I go in there I buy like four that's why we go into stores. Those cement floors. Come back. We're going to Hollywood speak. We've got so much, but we're going to Hollywood. Vanity Fair cover because again, the theory that somebody over there has a thing for making people bad on the covers coming to Hewlett from oakdale Carly from Eden prairie Mindy from Hastings. Jake from Minneapolis. Those are just some of the hundred seven dollar winners in our daily apple giveaway and somebody's going to win a while Caribbean Bahamas cruise criticial bell.

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