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Find one of more than 830 locations to support any job search, and there's never a fee. Traffic and weather together. Powered by temp star and classic air bomb Johnny Hilla. NewsRadio 16 w TVs, Maybe see six first morning meteorologist Indra Buck Michael. Good Wednesday morning. Everyone today Mostly cloudy and cold. A high of 33 Watch out for some new icy spots tonight some light late snow showers to the south as we continue into the next couple of days and mix of sun and clouds for Thursday and Friday with highs Right around 30 weather is powered by the basement doctor. Mostly cloudy now. 31 of Buckeye Lake 33 YEARS. Severe weather Station news radio 6 10 W. TVN Governor Mike DeWine unveiled the plan to roll back the state's curfew for covert 19 and even offered up what has to happen for it to be eliminated. If we have seven straight days for our hospitalization number from Kobe is below 3500, if you can see I think we've had now five days. This should continue. We hope this is going to continue, and so we should be able to announce on Thursday. We'll go to 11 P.m. curfew and we'll keep that curfew. Our plan will be at least to keep that curfew for two weeks. In addition, the wine set of hospitalization stay below 3000 for seven straight days of curfew would be rolled back to midnight for two weeks. Hospital patients drop below 2500 For seven straight days A curfew would be lifted. Work continues in nearly 100. Columbus City school buildings for the plans started blended learning for many grades starting next month. A B C sixties. Haley Nelson says Every safety measures being implemented around 97 schools will open doors for more than 26,000 students. The first two weeks of February opened the door to a classroom. And you'll see Ah lot of spacing. The principle of Forest Park Elementary, telling ABC six students immediately go to the classroom when they enter will be given breakfast at their desks, and there will also be regular sanitization schedules throughout the day. Governor Dalliances Ohio School district will soon learn when will be getting the covert 19 vaccine As of Monday, Anyone age 75 older is eligible to receive the vaccine. Plan to vaccinate school students and stands expected on Friday. The wind physicals still have kids back in the classrooms buying March 1st President Biden continues to take more executive actions this time focusing on climate change. The actions were designed to win the nation from fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions.

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