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And the Federal Aviation Administration continued to take heat in the wake of two fatal 737 max crash. Corwin Hake reports new complaints condemn the practice of bowing conducting its own federal safety testing, some of the inspectors employed by Boeing say they would raise specific safety concerns only to have the FAA ignore or gloss over them. Some complaints are directed at a man named Ali Barahmi. Former FAA certification manager in Renton where the seven thirty seven is assembled Barahmi is now an FAA safety executive in Washington DC last year, he told the US house committee on aviation safety into area aircraft certification the. Fayez gone beyond the reforms that congress directed at the Seattle times interviewed Michael Collins, a recently, retired aerospace safety engineer who work locally under Barahmi Collins tells the times Rami promoted increasing delegation of safety testing to Boeing employees, call and says under Barahmi when Boeing and F A A inspectors had a difference of opinion Barahmi tended to side with Boeing Barahmi has responded telling the times the FAA quote remains engaged throughout the certification process. Corwin hake. Komo news vote today could maintain a key part of funding for King County parks earlier this year executive Constantine announced. He would push to renew the King County parks Levy and a budget committee vote this morning could move it. Forward voters approved the current King County parks Levy and 2013 costing homeowners a few dollars in property taxes every month, but it's set to expire this. December executive Constantine wants to put a renewal on the August ballot. The new Levy would. Increase taxes slightly to about seven dollars a month for homes valued at five hundred thousand dollars that's two dollars more than what homeowners pay. Now. The county maintains two hundred parks one hundred and seventy five miles of trails and twenty eight thousand acres of open space eighty percent of their operating budget is funded by the Levy, the new plan would improve several ballfields replace Warren Park equipment and add signs and parking at several trail heads. That's komo's Lee stole. Police have arrested the person they believe dragged a Burlington police officer thirty feet with her truck Saturday afternoon. Komo's Zan Fong tells us what happened say the twenty nine year old mount Vernon woman was wanted for two misdemeanor warrants. A Burlington police officer bumped into her in the Fred Meyer parking lot instead of complying believes they she took off dragging the thirty one year old officer the officer finally was able.

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