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At the children though are smooth pay one greener the nutrition is a thirty point two does the hurt you the you're hearing starboy by the weekend why well because there are some exciting news about him today it involves live music flower crowns and the desert the koa chilly valley music and arts festival aka coachella just released this year's lineup ahead of the festival in april and it's already amp ing up excitement for music fans could tell is an annual event that happens in india california people flocked from all over the world to see live music and art and this year's lineup is massive it includes stars like eminem beyond say and souza hence the big year for canadians to toronto's very own daniel caesar and always will be formed performing as well as montreal's chromium but the headliner at the top of the bill is from scarborough ontario wouldn't you know it it's the guy you were just listening to he goes by the name of the weekend gaba race today she was a student trying to earn some money to go to college on monday she skipped school to audition for a movie called precious on tuesday the colder back to meet the director lee daniels on wednesday she got the part and tonight she is sitting at the academy awards in the same category as meryl streep i tell you that is no hollywood fairytale what is it was a sweet moment oprah winfrey at the 2010 oscars introducing then newcomer gabar acidity precious was her breakthrough role and things just took off after that today you can see gabrielle hit tv shows like empire and american horror story but with all due respect to oprah not everything about gaba race it obeys journey has been a fairytale as we found out his when you breakthrough in hollywood and you never planned to be a movie star you don't look like many people's idea of a movie star the next big challenges breaking those perceptions goverry raciallybased new memoir is called this is just my face try not to spit tried out the stare and when i spoke to her it was pretty emotional from the getgo.

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