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I think our plans for using those in gas surcharge are that would have windfall tax would have helped us a great deal and gone a little bit further towards attacking that huge height in bills But this is really the sorry tale of failure to manage the market allowing our storage systems to go by the buy And barely to invest in installation in our properties we should have been doing this for years and reducing those bills and investing much more heavily in renewable industries where we're coming to it now but we're still lagging behind some of our European trends and we should be we should be cracking on with this at first So that was the labor MP for Middlesbrough Andie MacDonald's speaking to us on Bloomberg Westminster reacting to the leveling up proposals from the government for Michael gove This was really the plan that won the government the vote in 2019 and its sizable majority We'll talk a lot more about politics today Tim Lawton the conservative MP for east worthing and sharing will be joining me Partly we're getting the policy blitz because the prime minister perhaps is under pressure You've got 13 now Conservative MPs his own backbenchers calling for him to resign and this also inflation already at a 30 year high So that's the other issue We're going to perhaps hear from the government today in response to off gems increase to the price cap which some see is perhaps up 50% for household energy bills What will the government do about it The telegraph reporting that Rishi sunak is considering loans to energy companies try to dampen down the effect and what will the Bank of England do about all of this not really within its remit but of course dealing with inflation is So Bloomberg's Lizzie Byrne will be back later on in the program to tell us more Pretty much baked into the.

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