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Isn't just going to be for a week or so her theory on why pajama pants are selling more as many people working at home still have to video conference with co workers who can see them from the waist up but not what they're wearing from the waist down right now my daughter who is working from home is downstairs on a video chat she is wearing a great looking top but I know and she knows she's going to G. M. as Michelle Morello WTOP news we are approaching the time of year when people typically buy a lot of eggs for Easter but with items flying off the grocery store shelves during the pandemic the demand for that has gone way up The Washington Post reports weekly sales of eggs went up forty four per Ms compared with the week year ago retailers ordered six times the normal number of eggs wholesale egg prices have gone up one hundred eighty percent since the start of this month don't be surprised if you see more rodents Washingtonian magazine says one of the ripple effects of the pandemic is going to be some desperate rats as scraps from restaurant dumpsters start to dwindle because of widespread closures rats are going to do whatever they can to find food and survive that means going into homes and looking for food in kitchens a business Arizona in Arizona is finding out just how generous residents are in that area I normally bustling business roses pizzeria has been reduced to take out and delivery but a lot of change when a woman walked in and handed owner Skyler Reeves a plain white envelope open up the envelope there's one sentence in a piece of paper it said as a neighbor and lover of Rosa's do with it what you see fit and in addition to the note and there's two thousand Bucks inside was pretty touching moments or something another forget Reeves gave the money to his staff Stephan Kaufmann CBS news Prescott Arizona seven fifty three garden editor Mike McGrath with your W. T. O. P. garden plot of the day paddy in.

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