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Bob Lowe's wife Maria Victoria Henao Pablo's demeanor shifted immediately as he took the call he murmured sweetly into the is to mafiosos to understand how a kingpin or Queen Pin Rises to the top of the underworld and why they fall is we food the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help us this is our first in a four episode series on legendary cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar throughout the nineteen eighties Pablo headed up the Medellin cartel overseeing the muddling of eighty tons of cocaine into the United States every month by some estimates the Medellin cartel was making more than me seventy million dollars a day during this episode will get to know Pablo at his most powerful and then take a look at his childhood and early criminal career sussing out all the details that set him on a path toward his destiny becoming the most powerful rich and dangerous is cocaine trafficker the world has.

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