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Mission with this record as much as an album can have any kind of mission is not just expression of of a, moment Was to bridge a gap between Africa and the world what do you mean Well the thing is there's this idea of of Africa of music in Africa that people will always imagine. People dancing in the, jungle and, be playing, drums in those gotta stop by and and there's also you know in, Africa there's contemporary music companies who has been. There for a very long time and he has evolved for very long time but I also wanted you have this since I was born in Kinshasa and I was born into the colonies. Roomba and then move out of Kinshasa and came to live here in Canada I've learned so much about music the coming year and does many genre music that inspires me and I wanted to have all of that put together just to make it easier, for someone like me who have spent is half of his life in Africa have. Of his life overseas Can feel. Oh does something that something that resembles me is this something that is talking to me I love the way you said that that there's this perception of African music in western investors also like I just can't believe we we say like African music as, if it's not a gigantic Continent People in different regions and different political. Backgrounds they go wherever it leads me to something that I'm so happy you're talking, about which is the term world music What what are. You here when that word music that's nonsense we need to stop with it because, what is world music you know I can imagine when whenever we, talk about? With music you can have someone doing classical music from India? For example Being in that category, with someone doing the music that I. Do that doesn't make any sense you can be. Making classical music from India and it should be in? Classical music, it shouldn't be in some category name road music what is the word that we. Putting into that box you know, it doesn't make any. Sense with an other ring of everything that's not western. Exactly so it doesn't help with raise, doesn't help with anything so we need to stop, putting things in the box, and if someone is doing. Pop music whether he sings in French inning gallery in English if it is, pop music just call it pop music I believe I'm making.

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