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Right now. Mark Blazer show with just cease And Dimitrius Stanley, the mayor. You get a candle that smells like 2020 guy. Was that a Dumpster? The novelty company flaming crap. It's now selling what they're calling the 2020 cents Candle. It has four quintessential aromas of this year, including banana bread, hand sanitizer, Woody Musk CE and What budget aftershave and earthy essence it says to evoke the aroma of Tiger King Joe exotic. None of these sound any good at all. Would he must cause me intrigued. Is that your flavor? Would he must like a low like a low musk of my woody. But that's what he must come. And look, I don't even know what that means. You sure that's why I'm intrigued by what he must Well, you sell. You got what he must hold on Woody Musk either, doesn't he do a show on the radio here in town? Would he must get what if Woody musk in the morning, Right? That's what I thought. Ah, that's a hell of a wake up call. Yeah. Woody Musk in the wake up Go That was funny. I looked up a D. And he had this look what must my Woody Ah Ah Ah Ah! What just happened? All right, so back to the election. In here in a second. Josh when we Ah, do you have that ready to go whenever you want it all right, let's set this up again and bring in the audience on this. If you haven't heard this, this is Bernie Senator Sanders. He's on Jimmy Fallon. This was the 23rd of October, and I'll be damned if he does not lay out exactly what's going to happen during this election down to the states down to the time. When people are going to call the vote counts for the night. He has called it all. Remember. Please keep this in mind. October 23rd. Is when Bernie is saying these things listen to this is later. When do you think we'll know the results? Jimmy, you raise an important point, and I hope the American people understand it because this is something I worry about. My view is every vote must be counted. For reasons which I don't have the time to get into tonight. You're gonna have the situation I suspect In states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin of the states. Where they are going to be receiving huge amounts of mail in ballots huge on. Unlike states like Florida or Vermont, there not being able Or bad reasons to begin processing those ballots until I don't know, Election Day or maybe when the polls close, that means you're going to states dealing with perhaps millions of mail in ballots. Here is my word. What polls show and what studies have shown is that for whatever reason? Democrats are more likely to use mail in ballots. Republicans are more likely to walk into polling booths on election day. It is likely that the first votes that will be counted will be those people who came in on Election day, which will be Republican. And here is the field and I hope everybody is that It could well be. No, I don't know what's gonna happen. Nobody does, but majority that at 10 o'clock on Election night. Terrible liar. Trump is winning in Michigan is winning in Pennsylvania is winning in Wisconsin, right and it gets on the television, he says. Thank you Americans for reelecting me. It's all over. Have a good day. But then the next day and the day following all of those mail in ballots like it encountered And it turns out that Biden has won those states at which point Trump says. See, I told you the whole thing was fraudulent. I told you, those melon balance were crooked. And I got you know we're not going to leave office. That is absolutely chilling. Toe T to the s killing literally to the tee. That is Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Fallon from October, 23rd laying out The way this election is going to go calling the states that we're close, calling the time that they were going to stop counting. I mean, calling it to the T like it was a game plan. That is absolutely I'm telling you from the time covert hit to this moment and then him, explaining that exactly the way explained it, which describes exactly what's happening. Days weeks later. Come on, man. They're this. It all worked out too perfect. It's too perfect for it to be some coincidence, right? They scared people to death to keep people from the poles. So they knew these male imbalance would come into play. And then you could do whatever you would want to do with mail in ballots because who comprise of you wrong. Who can prove you wrong. Because Donald Trump if it all if it was everybody go to the Let go to the polls, he won Election night. And they called it. There are people sending the direct messages now going. You guys should send this toe. You know his kids? Dong ju no matter what. Try to get this. Audio. Make sure they realize I can't imagine that somebody hasn't already brought it to their attention. You would think, but you never know. You know you got contacts. Send that thing on over there. Let me ask you if you are aware of The watermarked ballads theory, Yes, aware of them, explain it real quick, and then I'll get your thoughts on it. So there is a theory out there that There are fake ballots that were given To the people who would most likely be trying to utilize these in an illegal way. For the votes for the purpose of Of Biden. That it supposedly could be a sting operation and I I'm just throwing this out there. I know it's a little tinfoil hat E, but I wanted to get your thoughts on this watermark ballots. I just said you've got to be if this really comes to light. If this really happened, this would be the biggest gotcha in all and come political history. If the president or his people pulled this off, and really, in fact that would be able to do well, That's justice. I don't buy. This is 200. Here's the thing. Here's the thing for me. Donald Trump has been talking about mail in ballots for months. Yes, he's been talking about how fraud could happen with mail in ballots, right? If he didn't And this this is this is a terrible terrible for me to say and think. But if he didn't set something up That would catch this an action. Shame on him. He deserves to lose because you knew it was gonna happen, knew it was have like like about plant. Plant people. I mean, he's got enough people who could have been planted the night of the election. And been outside of all of these places that they thought right could be a problem. Let's do stakeouts in all of these different states. I mean, they put people on the ground. Men are actually getting free of all these. There had to be a contingency mechanism put in place by him. He had if he didn't then that is just five. It defies all logic and you're right and deserved to lose and for a person that is a lover of the book, The art of War. You named your business book? The art of the deal. You right? For you to let this go down. You have failed the American people because you knew it. You called it and by his body language, and when he speaks, I feel like he's defeated. Like over the last day and a half. Yeah. Yeah. So when I heard there's some, like he doesn't have the same posture. Have the body language.

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