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Six minutes after the hour our a third and final hour good morning everybody time manner sychev you're just getting on at the highways in joining us welcome we've been nonsense six am rick miller can here with us good morning rick happy monday good morning happy monday to you so you at a good weekend you mode the lawn saturday i'm on the lawn friday was dini was good it was warm now it's raining all we wanted to get it done before the rain arrived in yeah it was good we got a lot of stuff done so sunny yandi was hot out it's not the case this week it looks looks gonna be cloudy little cooler hey john heard died best known for playing the dad in home alone he died in santa clara county medical examiner's office said the actor was seventy one but other reports list his age as seventy two apparently he died friday now you said that it might have been pain medication accidentally overdosed well there was the reports from one of his exwives i think he had three exwives and cnn through i think tmz i don't know how much you can trust them you've asher his second exwife believes that she remembers him taking a lot of pain pills following a surgery he had and she's guess he he overdosed but again this is all speculation they said he was pretty your heartbroken over his son his estranged son had died just a few months before and so he was sad about that too well his role as peter mcallister endeared him two generations of moviegoers any anybody that's watched home alone he was versatile some say he had a prolific career on stage then movies and television heard was a successful theatre actor and then he transition to film he had a supporting role in the 1988 tom hanks film the big and he appeared in several other wellknown films including beaches the pelican brief shark anondo i never heard of that one herds tv credits include appearances on csi miami law and order battle star galactic her prison break bad guy fact official rules seem.

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