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And congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, speaking live earlier, here on ten ten win said non essential helicopter should be banned from New York City airspace. My call to, to ban all non-essential flight. They the visibility at the time of the crash was less than a mile, because of the heavy fog. The why in the world was he flying in heavy fog. We don't know we don't know what the answers are the National Transportation, Safety board is investigating wins news time eleven oh, five, the remains of another September eleventh victim have been identified. Now, sixteen hundred forty three people have been identified. The victim's name has not been made public, the identity was confirmed through DNA. It is the first new identification of a World Trade Center victims, since July of last year. File this went away for future reference. Reminder that most cars will be banned from fourteenth street in Manhattan, as of July, first between third and ninth avenues, it will become a bus way the restrictions will be in place from six AM to ten PM. Former White House counsel and star Watergate witnessed, John dean, whose testimony helped bring down Richard Nixon Destefano today before the House Judiciary committee. He said there are parallels between Watergate and the current investigation into whether President Trump obstructed Justice, in many ways. The Muller report is to President Trump, but the so-called Watergate, roadmap officially titled the grand jury report and recommendation concerning transmission of evidence to the house of representatives was to president, Richard Nixon. President Trump says dean is a loser loser.

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