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So you've sat at times, you're not helping yourself you need to stop, and he has not lessened. But is he liked that with? His foreign policy team and with everybody else. Well, I'm bidding those meetings, but I can tell you there are times when he does listen to me he has not listened to behind to-. Tweeden stop calling it a witch hunt. And don't do that stuff because it's not helpful. There've been other times where I've given him suggestions, we has listen for instance, I recommended Chris Wray him for FBI director. And and he followed that advice met, Chris like them fall that if I think that Chris is been one of the best choices he's made since he's been president. I think Chris is going to show you saw them with what he did during the shutdown. He's trying to rebuild morale at the FBI. He's trying to rebuild a sense of spree core there and the sense of mission, and he stands up but Christmas standup guy, and you know, you need more people like that in government everywhere. So have been times he's listened to be and Chris gray is one of the examples. I give you we have a lot more with Governor Chris Christie, we are going to actually give bring out guitar. And is going to you're going to play. We're gonna do sing. No, Chris is going to play Rosalita style loop back. And this is something that all be funny. Cacti? Right right back with more with Chris Christie and let me finish. Because title. We are back with former New Jersey Governor former presidential candidate and former Trump transition chair the very current Chris Christie is out today with his new memoir entitled let me finish Trump. Kushner's Bannon jersey and the power of in-your-face politics want to hear about the bad blood, and the White House will I take it away or Mike you go first. Really? He's the bad blood guy in the book, you write about Donald Trump. He has a keen understanding of what regular people are feeling. Are you kidding? Do you really don't listen? I I absolutely believe that he does from watching him interact with people when we were campaigning together. And I didn't think he would we start off by saying I never campaigned in them before Safdar endorsed him. This is the primary in sixteen. We would work rope lines together and the way he interacted with people in the way, they reacted to him was surprised at what we saw that too. He's governing like a plutocratic. The context of that was talking about him as a political candidate. And as a political candidate. He owned her stood how to relate to people and how they took him back. So that's the context of. Okay. That was then this is now. Okay. Well, he's clearly understand it in the very five days in the shutout. Okay. So earlier we were talking about this great gifts that we've all been given. It's called America. Right. And yet nearly every day in his presidency that I can recall he does something to provoke or divide specific peoples from other peoples in this country. So let me ask you this. You've spent a lot of time doing this book thinking about them the campaign, and the administration is that anything I ask cliff SIMS this earlier is there anything about his presidency. That scares you. Oh, well, listen. I think I put this in the book at great length the people that he is selected in large part to be around him has really disturbed me. And I I mean names in the book. I mean, I Michael Flynn. I mean, I think it's one of the biggest reasons I got fired. But about Stephen Miller, a guy that said he doesn't want another refugee touch American soil. You know, listen, I Stephen, and I tell you the truth on a personal level. Oh got along. We don't agree on a whole bunch of things, but on a personal level. I always got along with Stephen. And and but I would say guys like Bannon in the White House. What about Whitaker? Listen, man, my served as US attorneys together. And I think Matt has been put those allowed himself to be put in a really untenable situation..

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